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A Rainy And Gastronomic Trip to Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley

Back from a one day and one night trip to Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley. Actually I have not rested much as when I came back I had to do the reports, go back to my night-shift job, do online stuff and all that. To my friends especially on my Facebook list they find my lifestyle right now too much fun... travelling while working But they don't know the responsibility behind this free trips - quality reports that need to be sent to the proper authority.  In fact some of them they tell me they literally envy me for this kind of opportunity that I never thought I would encounter, little did they know this comes with a lot of sacrifices too. I have less sleep, less rest and the times before that I spend catching up with friends and going home to see my family has gone rare. Right now my life is centered in going online, making connections  and exploring new places. Hmm this gives me another topic to write about "How We Over-romanticize Travel" soon.

As a matter of fact I am typing this with a hungry stomach, it is already lunch but I chose to finish the remaining reports that are already beyond the deadline because of so many things I need to attend to as well.  Also I have to make sure that my review assignment is great and the performance is worth it because if not I don't think they will give me another free trip somewhere.

Anyway going back, I will write another serious post about  places to see and what to eat in Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley. This was more of a gastronomic journey to me tasting 3 local food they have there. Also I realized I need to learn the art of food photography which is very crucial for a blogger like me because we take a lot of photos. Might as well practice more in my Instagram account here. Though I am not the type of  person who would take a lot of food photos during my personal dining activities... this is only when I am joining events that I am required to do so. Even the food that I eat in my personal time needs not to be shouted to the world. As you see my Instagram account rarely shows a food I eat. 
One of the challenges of travelling solo is to take good photos. I cannot do so much other than selfies. Really working on how to make photos literally something to droll over - may it be a food, place, person or a thing.

I will be having my two days off soon. I have a lot lined up to me: event invites, backlogs from posts that I have to finish and a life I am struggling to balance in everything. Looks like I am into discovering culinary journey this time, I am planning to go on a trip with my brother to see Loleng’s Hutieu-an,  a carinderia / eatery about 2-3 hours away from Manila that offers really tasty Vietnamese cuisine with a very interesting history - it was once a camp for Asian refugees many years ago. The food is very affordable and has been featured on tv and online sites. Plus we are also planning to do a side trip to another array of very beautiful decades-old some hundreds old Filipino heritage houses that were literally transferred from its original locations (and sparked hatred from heritage advocates) to serve as vacation spot for tourists the Las Casas de Acuzar. We plan to spend 2 days and a night there. I am crossing my fingers... 

My brother Vincent is also my buddy when we visited Banh Thai, a house slash restaurant hours away from Manila in Los  Banos, Laguna. There we ate some native Thai dishes and learned that the owners are actually a native Thai woman who married a Filipino man.  Eating different culinary from other parts of the world is also one of the way through my stomach to learn their culture without having to get out far.  We went there to take videos for a travel contest which we were not chosen but we won in our own ways because we had fun talking to this Thai woman, her story of how love brought her to migrate in the Philippines, made Thai flower garland we cooked  Pad Thai noodles and more.  We literally learned a bit of Thailand even though we have not been there!

Also I have a small group of family to do a (paid) food & heritage walk in Santa Cruz and Chinatown Binondo by Thursday. I love eating Chinese food by the way just that I still have work so It will just be my partner tour guide and the guests. It is really such a challenge wearing different hats. Just that I chose to be happy and pursue my passion so I am risking it all out. 

Still I am dreaming of that Thailand meetup with the rest of the travel bloggers worldwide. Can't get over it.  I have already joined their FB group, checked if they can provide discount (30% off so far) and scouting for a cheaper flight.  I am also finding my way to save a little from my salary. I have just less than enough so I don't know if this is going through. I hope I am this Johnny Ward who are so lucky and that he has no familial obligations. I think right now I could have traveled the world too! I may not have millions in my savings but I am proud to say that I helped two of my brothers who already graduated, one sister and another brother finding their way to finish end of this year. Two more sisters and we are all good to go! Anyway I am happy to share my blessings to the family  I grew up with. No regrets whatsoever.

By the way the main photo above is me having my breakfast before I head back to Manila. It was a different kind of sausage only found there, I tried it with fried rice, slices of cucumber + tomatoes and fried egg. This photo was taken by the staff of the restaurant that is located just beside the apartelle I spent a night over.   

Below, I just found this accommodation right when I landed in the airport. I had no time to find one so this was a recommendation from an airport staff.  This only costs P250 or $6 per night and very near from the airport. 

At this cheap price, it is very surprising the wifi is so strong so I ended up doing my online work while lying in my bed. However I don't recommend finding an accommodation if you are going on a remote place or during wee hours of the morning at the nick of time. If you can plan your trip way ahead that is beyond great. I say this specially to ladies like me.

There you go I have to go and find more time to sleep and rest. This is what I need more today.


  1. Hi Ron sarap nga ng ganyang trabaho di ba, sabi nila pa-travel travel na lang hehehe. Hindi pala ganito parati ang buhay. Wish you always safe na lang


    1. Hey Trish :) Ooo nga eh. Kala nila basta ganun ganun na lang. Sama ka minsan sa kin hehe

  2. ganda did you go to callo caves? and lady of piat

  3. super short stay frown emoticon hindi eh. sana pagbalik ko. but i was able to gather info i can blog about the place