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When Travel Becomes "Unfair" To Others

With the Muslim women in Cotabato City
There's only one fear that almost stopped me from pursuing travel blogging years ago, that I may run out of what to write about. You see I am not this seasoned traveler who can go on a trip anytime and anywhere I want. Without travel stories to share, how can someone be called a travel blogger? I worry if one day I am no longer produce blog posts just because of my limitations regarding road trips, plane rides and train hopping, this blog is going to die. But I know that deep inside, this is what my heart desires and this is what makes me happy. For someone who is just a dot in the blogosphere, it is important to have a branding like having an identity which I chose to be a travel blogger instead of being an ordinary owner of a lifestyle blog who just writes about anything under the sun.  Though I admit my blog is 30% lifestyle as like I said I just can't travel at an eye blink's notice so I need to supply more content to my blog too.

I was browsing some articles to read a few days ago and this one caught my eye big time, that I freezed for a while  before, during and after reading this.  Captioned as "After leaving his 9-5 job, this 31-year-old built a company that's earned $1 million while he travels the world", how will I not read this when in fact this is one of my dreams to be a digital nomad? This is the growing population of millenial people who works and travels at the same time. Now for this to become feasible, the job should be online usually so you only need a laptop and internet connection to make money. Of course you don't need a physical office  so with this kind of lifestyle is very much possible to work anywhere so that gives you more reasons to travel. 

I posted it on my Facebook wall to inspire me and others though this seems to be and my dream of being a digital nomad is as far as the horizon. He IS just my age and started blogging + travelling years in the same as mine. I would say we have the same passion to be an online entrepreneur and crazy about travelling. We share a lot in common but life seems to be unfair.  

One friend commented and lamented exactly the same thoughts I have inside. I was only waiting for someone to affirm it. In reality for a typical Filipino traveler and blogger, this is way, way impossible. Most of grown-up Filipinos are usually tied with a familial obligation, would have to acquire a day job to be financially stable and when it comes to wider visa entries around the world, we have a very weak passport in hand.  

This made me jump to a conclusion that life indeed is unfair when it comes to travelling. That in every success story like this, there are another thousands of hopefuls who share the same dream but just can't because of restrictions imposed by the society we did not have a choice to select when we were born.

These persons who are usually featured in this kinds of news are usually North Americans and/or Europeans who came from first world countries. They were  born in an environment where the technology is advanced, practices independence and the opportunity to travel are endless. While Filipinos like me, this remains a dream that I wish and pray to happen. Anyway the dream of mine, is not stopping  at least for now :) After all, dreaming is free right? 

Having said this, here are the rounds of travel-related things that keep me perked up:

1. Travel Bloggers Exchange in Thailand this October
I am literally drolling over this because this is a worldwide gathering of travel bloggers. I know as someone who is crazy about meetups I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will be beyond stoked to know fellow travelers who have conquered the world alerady. Just that this remains to be a wish, I would need at least Php30k or $600+ for my trip there that includes flight, accommodation and allowance.  I have started scouting for the cheapest flight but still have not found one plus there is a $150+ registration fee. Let's see what's gonna happen next. 

2. Flight confirmed for my (5th travel assignment as a mystery traveler)  Tuguegarao trip. Will only spend a day and a night there on July 25-26. I have a crazy work schedule in my full time job so I am only spending this over a one day off.

3. When I'm not blogging, I am still online and ... joining travel  contests :)  Do you know that I have stayed to a luxurious 5 star hotel in my recent birthday that costs way too much  and had a half day spa gift from a top spa in Asia? Wish me luck as I join more.

My room in Shangrila, costs $400+ per night here
That's it for now. And oh by the way keeping a travel blog gives me so many restless days and short sleep nights... I am always in front of the computer or my mobile phone.  I would say the past years, I have spent more in front of the computer than physically talking to a live person. This is what I am working on... As I know I am not getting any younger anymore and had to attend to my overall health as well. I am while dreaming to travel the world also wishes a balanced life.


  1. Hi. Just me again.

    I think that your fear of running out of travel stories is not unique - it is probably shared by many travel bloggers. I bet that even Johnny Ward, with 149 out of 193 countries visited, is thinking "what will I do when I hit 193 ?" !

    As you can guess, I had a quick look at the Johnny Ward website (thanks for the pointer). It is very polished and impressive. However I was slightly surprised by the apparent lack of advertising which I presume is the source of most of his high earnings, so perhaps he is not making as much as he claims. Having said that, I will just add that I know nothing at all about the economics of commercially-oriented blogging in general, and the travel sector in particular.

    About the theme which you explore in the first part of your blog, and to which the blog title refers, it is entirely natural to feel a sense of unfairness, but there is no point in letting it get to you. When it does, just think about the "More Grit for 2015" message which you wrote back in 2nd January.

    The TBEX thing in Thailand certainly sounds like your idea of heaven. Just wondering how serious you are about making it there. Is it better to spend your limited time and budget on an event related to travel, or to spend it on travelling itself ? Especially as you seem to do quite a lot of travel-related networking in Manila anyway. Or were you going to combine the event with some travel within Thailand ? Sorry if I appear to be over-inquisitive, these are just my thoughts from a distance.

    Have fun on your Tuguegarao trip next weekend. I am looking forward to your report/blog.

    And finally .... wishing good fortune with your travel contests. You seem to have been quite lucky already !

    Your #1 Fan In London
    (And the sun is back here today - nice. Hope that it is not too rainy in Manila)

  2. He mentioned he built an online company w/ 4 remote workers that offer article creation and the likes. I think this one pays him more than his blog.

    I also met a world backpacker who is only 27 yrs from US. He wants me to manage his dozens of websites/blogs for digital marketing tasks just that the time zone is crazy for us to work smoothly. He also has filipino workers doing his stuff online but the pay is pretty small so I had to let go of this. I figure out if I accept this I would be rarely posting in my blog :( because my focus is in his work already. His story is exactly the same as Johnny's. And he is pretty young when he started selling online / making money online at age 16

    TBEX thing is certainly to meet more world travelers and learn their story or probably collaborate with projects. I also really want to connect with different travel brands and
    tour operators for a possible tie ups that is why I want to join here. It will be also a bit of travel too. Wanna see this place. You mentioned you have been here right? Any tips?

    I only got a day and a night there in Tuguegarao so most likely i will just visit one or two spots or focus on indoor discoveries.

    I just hate it because my work schedule changed abruptly so i am working 10 nights straight before I head there then when i get back i have to work for another 5 nights before I have a 2 days off :(

    Still rainy here but the sun pops up from time to time.

  3. Hello Rona! I'm actually really glad to read your post. I can totally relate to your thoughts! Like you, I have a full time job & honestly I don't have the liberty of time & finances to just pack my bags and go anywhere, you know what I mean? I feel glad to find a blogger I could so easily relate to. Let's keep on encouraging each other to pursue our passion despite the hurdles... smile emoticon I wish you all the best and do take care on your Tugue trip!

    1. Thank you girl :) Glad i found someone who can relate exactly my thoughts in this post. You know it is not easy to chase a dream that is as far as the horizon but we should not stop just that. Next one I will write about is "How we overromanticize travel". I think this is the one that needs to be tackled after this

  4. Hi there Rona! I am basically truly thankful to read your post. I'm able to fully depend on your thoughts! That you, I've the full time job & seriously My spouse and i lack the liberty of time & finances to help merely pack my personal bags as well as go wherever, guess what happens Come on, man? I find myself thankful to find a blogger I can and so simply depend on. We should persist in telling the other person to help practice our love rapidly hurdles... look emoticon My spouse and i desire anyone best wishes as well as complete be careful on the Tugue excursion! same day delhi tour