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What To See, Things To Do, Itinerary And Accommodation To San Vicente, Palawan

Palawan is usually known for Busuanga, Coron, Puerto Princesa and of course El Nido.  I thought I thought I already knew all of the spots that are worth a visit in Palawan, but wait there's one slowly finding it's way to boast its tourism industry, the San Vicente Palawan. I learned about this during the Palawan trade fair I joined few weeks so I am once again sharing this to  those who may have already explored Palawan and looking for more. 

Brief History of San Vicente, Palawan
The municipality of San Vicente was created on Jun 21, 1969 by virtue of Republic Act 5821. It is located northeast of main island of Palawan and 186 km from Puerto Princesa City. It occupies a total land area of P165, 797.6515 hectares and has a jurisdiction over 10 barangays: Binga, Caruray, Kamdeng, New Agutaya, New Canipo, Poblacion, Port Barton, San Isidro, Alimanguan & Sto Nino. Fishing and farming are the major industries in San Vicente, while tourism is just starting to bud in recent years.  

San Vicente offers a unique tourist destination endowed with beauty of its own having vast unspoiled forest and mangrove areas, white sand beaches, thriving coral reefs, enchanting islands and islets, magnificent waterfalls, endemic species of diverse flora and fauna.       

1. Port Barton is considered as one of Palawan's frequented tourist destinations. It has been declared by DOT as tourist zone pursuant  to PD 1801 with various actively operating beach resorts. Its white sand, abundant and diverse marine life, waterfalls and crystal clear waters are  its prime attraction. Port Barton is where you can lay on the beach amidst the darkness and stillness of the night and gaze at the stars. You can also swing on a hammock and listen to the sound of the waves. 

2. Long Beach is dubbed as the longest white sand in the Philippines located between Barangay Poblacion and Alimanguan, is 14 km long. 

3. Dairy Farm located in Brgy Kemdeng. It is an 11.5km ride by land or a 10-minute ride by motorized boat from Poblacion proper. 

4. Buayan Island is the largest island in Vicente situated in the northwestern side and is surrounded with coves and crystal clear waters. 

5. Daplac Cove is protected from the wind and waves from different direction s. The water is clear and has a 200 meter-stretch of white sand. This location is an ideal anchorage point for any kind of boat such as a cruising yacht. Snorkeling and sightseeing are definitely recommended here. 

Butuan Falls is a favorite picnic site of the locals and nature enthusiasts. This waterfall is about 20-min trek from the nearest road. 

7. Pamuayan Falls amidst nearby forest, it is an hour trek from Port Barton and an ideal site for recreation. 

8. Bigaho Falls because of its impressive view, Bigaho Falls has been declared as a Community-based tourist destination. It is a 25-minute boat ride from Poblacion and Port Barton.     

How to get here 

From PPC you can take a bus or shuttle vans at the PPC New Public Market terminal. Travel time is 3-4 hours, from Roxas an hour away,  TayTay 1.5 hours away and El Nido 3 hours away.

To know the list of places to stay, accommodation choices in San Vicente, Palawan please see below:

Clabereen Resort
Cassandra’s Cottages
Urs& Josie Lodging Inn
Princess Michaela’s Inn
Elsa Beach Resort
Green Views Resort
Summer Homes
Celestial Marina Lodge
Besaga’s Resort
Ausan’s Cottages
DivinaGracia Cottages
Kiwi Lodge
Itaytay Bed and Breakfast
Deep Moon Resort
Pinky’s Cottages
Barton Hummingbird
Malaika Resort
Monkey Family Lodge
Cabungan Beach Cottages
Melbhemarls Tourist Inn
Villa Evergreen Bayview
Santa Clause Hilltop Cottages
Villa Marguerita Pension House

Ayette’s Bamboo Restaurant & Cottages
Kusinero Del Barrio

Paella Bar & Restaurant

Louisscia Lodging Inn
John Eric Inn
Min Nah Hyeon
Peace & Love Resort
Picardal Lodge
Sunset Beach Resort
Foxy’s Beach Resort
Basio’s Place


MiamMiamGlouGlou Restaurant
Bamboo House Restaurant
Kiks Beachfront Restaurant
Ynike Restaurant
Alexis Restaurant
Gacayan Restaurant
Villa Evergreen Restaurant

Secret Paradise Retreat
Thelma’s Beach
Giligan’s Resort

Blue Cove Tropical Island Resort
Coconut Garden Island Resort
Manta Ray Resort

Aquaholics Diving Services
Palawan Easy Diving Centre


Villanueva’s Canteen
Foxy’s Pizza & Pasta Place
Adam’s Canteen

Odruna Enterprises
0999 992 8439

Palawan Pawnshop & Money Changer

Credits to the MUNICIPAL TOURISM OFFICE for this information. You may contact them at this address: Tourist Information & Assistance Center
Baywalk, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines

More contact details:
Tourist Assistance Center Hotlines
0918 967 7664/ 0908 814 7651/  0917 854 4443

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