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The Inspiring Traveler Series: Fearless 50ish... Golden But Not Beaten

Her in Mt. Pulag, Benguet
For six years this blog focuses on my travel rumblings only. Now for a change and sense of innovation I would like to share other stories of individuals who have travel stories that are worth-reading (if not more) than mine.  When I started this I have no idea to whom to approach and ask for anyone willing to share his/her story without anything in return. I tell you, the people that I was thinking would be very game to participate in this project surprisingly did not return the favor. But I am equally glad to meet more who said yes. 

Actually I have never met in person this woman I am about to introduce for the second leg of The Inspiring Traveler Series. All I know is that we are added in each others circles via Google+. I hardly know anyone here but for more search engine visibility, I  have to +1   each my blog posts here. I never expect any real-time interaction of anyone here but there's one who would for sometime comments back and plus one my content.  It was her. Until I posted The Inspiring Traveler Series,  I knew right there she fits the criteria because I believe in the Law of Attraction. 

Her name sounds familiar but still I can't imagine how we ended up connected online. After a series of email exchanges, I learned she was one of my clients who bought for Sagada tour package. To those who don't know yet, after I quit my 8-year old job in 2013, I took a freelance by partnering with dozens of travel agencies to sell local tours in exchange of commission. What is great about my tie up with them is that the rate is the same whether they book to me or directly to them. This one is my bread and butter until last quarter of 2014, when one of my partners ran away and never paid me. I did not see that coming because that was the first time I tried running a business. I feared I couldn't survive here in Manila so I quickly jump back to corporate world.

Anyway going back to her. I was so glad to read her story. She is this 50-something Filipina who works in one of the top banks in the US which has an in-house branch here. I can see that she is smart person because she said she loves to read books, and want to be always updated with news and documentaries too. Of course her greatest title above anything else if a mom for she mentioned too " Though I love to travel, I equally enjoy decorating my home and cooking for my children. "  

On the way to Guijalo Port in CamSur
She is one of the lucky moms here in the country.  At her age  (I honestly don't think she is 50 until she said so!) I admire her for the freedom to squeeze in travelling and not to mention that her kids are already grown up pursuing their respective careers. Speaking of, she has a son who works for an aircraft that gives her a complimentary ticket to book to anywhere free as long as the destination. Whoa, what a privilege!

Now on to her story...

"My wanderlust has been with me I guess since I was young because I would tag along with my aunt even if she would just go to Divisoria, family outing in Pansol.

Yes small family outings in nearby provinces really excites me a lot. But all that came to a plateau if not to a halt when I went to college, have a family. It was only about three years ago that I got serious with travelling.  One reason was when I got all my routine medical exams and all came clean.   I realized that time is short and when other women my age (by the way, I am 50 yrs old) have diminished opportunity to travel due to health issues, here I am still in the pink of health (this is also why I am into weightlifting)and just setting things aside.  Another reason is all my three kids are grown up and pursuing their respective careers. And lastly being a widow of more than 4yrs I guess this is also my time for myself to further grow and enjoy life.

Inside the floating hut in Manlawi, Caramoan
I took my kids to Hong Kong when they were kids. No HK Disney yet hahaha. My most recent trip was in Korea ,March 2014. My next out of the country trip will be next year in Vietnam,Thailand and Malaysia by June 2016. Yup! already booked.  Locally, I have gone to Palawan, Bicol, Ilocos, Abra, Zambales, Pangasinan, Cebu, Baguio(who wouldn't), Sagada and Benguet to name a few. 

For me all trips are memorable but I Sagada will have a niche in my heart because its my first solo backpacking trip Nov 2013 and my first buwis-buhay caving experience in Lumiang-Sumaging cave. Lol! The whole stretch of it.   Most recent was at Benguet.  I reached the peak of Mt. Pulag!When in trips I am everything except for a night buff. Not really into bar hopping.

 Secret Garden in South Korea
Preparation can be months or as you say in a blink of an eye depending on the trip and budget.  One example is The Pulag climb. Was just a week's notice hahaha.  Cheap flights through airline promos. My free ticket privilege I reserve for high-priced ticket fare destination.   My son works with our flag carrier ;)

Before the trip, I search thru the internet, refer to travel bloggers comments and reviews.  Same with accomodations. I think its also in one of your blogs that I encounter couch surfing.  I am thinking of that too or make use of some of my rooms for AirBnB."

There you go, her story reminds me that age is never a matter to anything especially when it is all about going places and living life to the fullest. 

Photos are all credited to her.  Stay tuned to the next one we are going to feature.  We have 4 others waiting in the list to get featured :)

How about you? Do you know of any person whose work, faith, passion is travelling? Or just anyone who were literally born with a backpack ready beside them? Let us know we would be glad to feature.  Or even those who chose to be anonymous but open to share deepest secrets along the  road. If you know anyone who has an inspiring travel story, just let us know. 


  1. Zeena - good story - thank you for sharing. I particularly liked the picture at the top of Mt.Pulag, which I see is at 2,922m the third highest mountain in the Philippines. Maybe I should add that to the list of things to do when/if I get there. And that floating hut looks great too.

    Best wishes for your June 2016 trip. I am always impressed by someone who is sufficiently organised to plan and book that far in advance. I am very "last minute" (or should that really be disorganised ?) in comparison !

    Maria's #1 Fan In London.

    (Maria, sorry to hear that your work schedule is so onerous. Hope you get the chance for a little bit of relaxation and recovery in your upcoming couple of days off)

    1. Maria's #1 Fan in London thank you so much for your kind word and wishes. Much appreciated. :) And I am welcoming you in advance in the Philippines. Mabuhay!
      And yes do include Mt. Pulag and especially the floating hut in your bucket list. The beaches in CamSur is not only absolutely so clean but no crowds too. My cup of tea at least.

    2. Don't worry much with being disorganize. I am an eleventh hour myself at times. We are normal haha.

  2. Thanks Maria's #1 Fan In London.

    So honored that my two cents matter. Yes you go ahead share. What also matters to me too is that you shared how you are instrumental to my wanderlust.
    I hope that article will inspire women in my age group.

    Thank you Rona! Hope we can meet and have some coffee together.

    More success to all your endeavor.

    Much appreciated!!


  3. Thanks Zeena sure would love to have coffee with you :) To Mr #1 Fan in London, thanks for dropping by always. I'm on the way to my flight now. Praying for a safe and fun trip.

  4. Rona just set our coffee date :)
    Have a safe trip!!