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Home For Christmas And New Year

I am writing with so much joy in my heart as I just booked a one way ticket to Bicol, my childhood province. I decided to book as early as I can because the later I do it, I may not be able to catch a cheap flight. I decided to make it one way as I don't know when I will return but most probably first or second week of January.

I can't wait to see Mom, my sisters and of course my nephew who is my godson (he's adopted by my younger brother), a one year old nephew and a 4 month old niece. I just can't wait to hug them. Right now I am starting to buy toys and cute stuff for them.

What have I been up to lately

Truth is I haven't been anywhere. Just going back in forth from where I stay in Boni, Mandaluyong then occasionally visit my two brothers who already moved to a new apartment and a few blogging events in BGC. I also visit Makati from time to time to attend a mass, stroll along Greenbelt , relax and join meetups.

Speaking of, a week ago I went to Mobility: Productivity On The Go, a talk about the many apps that can be used for busy millenials like me from reminding us for an upcoming meeting to organizing our daily schedule. It was faciliated by A Space Manila with international representatives from Mashable and Gwendolyn Regina Tan Director of Strategy & Business Development, APAC, Mashable and  Olive Lee, Market Development, APAC of Evernote. I did learned a lot that is there's a hundredfold of those but at the end of the day, I feel overwhelmed to use all of it.

NOV 21 

Excited to join the TLC FESTIVAL PHILIPPINES, to meet in person Janet Hsieh, the host of Fun Taiwan who will be sharing her travel tips. The Fabulous Baker Brothers, talented duo from England will be there to share their philosophy of cooking and baking. And of course, celebrity food blogger Erwan Heusaff, who does not need anymore introduction  will be there too.


In a waitlist for CBTL Coffee session for a free class about how this coffee shop brews their stuff, a snapshot of the world of coffee and tea and will be given a chance to creat our own coffee and tea concoctions. I just hate myself for not knowing this as soon as this has opened so unless someone backs out, I won't be given a slot.

DEC 5 
Looking forward to join the Christmas party for fellow freelancers: Freelancer Wonderland: A Holiday Party For Freelancers

I just pray that I will have a decent connection when I get home as I will still continue my work. This is the great thing about having a location - independent lifestyle, of having an online work - you can practically do it anywhere. 

There's so much that I want to post here but I am still in the adjustment period of how to manage my time between my online work and my personal blog. 

The photo on top is the Christmas lights formed into so many ways along Ayala Ave in Makati. I am yet to see the famed Christmas dancing lights there too. 

You see Philippines celebrate the longest Yuletide season so as early as now homes are already starting to decorate. This is my first Christmas and New Year with the family after so many years  :) 

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