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My Asus Ph’s Incredible Story Entry For Win An ASUS Transformer Book

My name is Maria Rona Beltran, Chief Editor of a six – year old travel and lifestyle blog called “Travel Maria”. This is where I write all my ramblings regarding coffee, travelling and working online. I share mostly any buzz regarding startups, entrepreneurship and travelling. I was once featured in ABS CBN’s Kabuhayang Swak na Swak show and Goodhousekeeping Magazine about my life’s “incredible” story. I am not proclaiming a hundred percent that mine is already a closed book of a successful story but I call it still a work in progress. In fact right now I still have a fair share of mistakes and trying to be a better person each day. 

How I ended up sharing my life in a local TV show and a one-whole page magazine feature for someone like me who is a nobody is something I never dreamt about. I was this girl who just loves blogging my travel around the country and Southeast Asia. My deep passion for sharing my thoughts of happiness whenever I am solo backpacking in a far place fuels me to keep on writing. Then after many trips I realize that in order to sustain this kind of lifestyle I must have some means to keep me on the road for as frequent as I can.  I did not look further to find out what are those – I knew my love for online marketing and blogging are the answers.

I sold local tour packages in partnership with local travel agencies, did online “rakets” on Upwork mostly related to social media & content writing, did product reviews as a blogger and a lot of grit. The word “grit” is way better than the word “perseverance”, “patience” and “hard work”. This is your utmost will to keep on doing the ways to make your dreams come true no matter what distractions, obstacles and harships you encounter along the road. Even if no one believes you or you have no means to make it happen, if you have the grit you can move mountains with your bare hands.

I didn’t have a viral video or won in a top – notch competition of sorts, all I have is a simple version of an incredible story filled with grit.    

One tool that is really important in being a blogger and someone who travels a lot like me is having a device that I can go online quick, save my different files and share my travel posts. Asus Transformer Book being a tablet with a laptop style hinge, is really a great device for those who are constantly moving but always need to go online. It is foldable, handy and sleek that can get inside a backpacker’s bag in no time.  Looking forward to own an Asus Transformer Book soon.

Note: this is my official comment entry on Facebook to Asus Ph’s My Incredible Story Entry For Win An ASUS Transformer Book #MyIncredibleStory #AsusPh

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