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Zoomanity’s Dinner In The Dark And Owl Show

Since starting my online fulltime job, I missed joining blogging events so out of my hectic schedule last weekend, I saw one that is worth my time and that it sticks to my blogging niche which is tourism. This is already my second event joining, last February I went to Residence Inn in Tagaytay and Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite. It was a whole day of fun with the animals and that the zipline made me scream all the heck out of me but I think I was able to throw out a mountain of stress inside. I feel so damn good after so I knew that this one in Zoocobia, a fun zoo theme park located at Clark, Olongapo about 3 hours from Manila is gonna be the same.         

This time I knew I am hitting two birds in one shot as they are holding their annual event the Dinner In The Dark and visiting Zoocobia with the Owl Show. How can you say no to that?  My only regret is that I wish I have Bink, my 2 – year old cute nephew with me as he really likes animals.

We arrived around 5pm, the darkness and light are already fighting each other. We had a quick tour around Zoocobia with a guide. It was a delight to see different kinds of owls, the colourful birds in the Birds of Paradise and that frightening bear cat. Since it is dusk, we have to cut short everything. Here in Zoocobia, the one that thrilled me the most is karting they call it as Zooc ride, a gravity car ride though I wish it could be twice as longer as what they have there. I wish we really had longer time but if you plan to go to Zoocobia they also have Zing, Zipline, Camel ride, 4x4 Extreme ride, Maze, The Barn, Giant Slides and Mango camp.   The one that really amazed me is the Zoocology Museum where the skeletal and skin remains of dead animals we don’t see every day are exhibited from tigers, to elephant tusk to camel et cetera.          

Then next is the Dinner In The Dark. It is a special dinner held inside a totally dark and cold room specifically created to experience how do blind or visually – impaired  persons eat. It touched my heart how sometimes I take for granted the many little things I am blessed for all my senses that are working especially the ability to see.  We were blindfolded with a handkerchief and have to hold each other while we go inside. We were divided into three groups each is led by a bind person representing Eye Bank Foundation of The Philippines.       

While blindfolded inside we struggled how to eat our meals that we cant see. All we can do is feel the plate, the food and the bottled water with our hands. It was also very cold and the fact that we cant see, our other sense has gone sharper so we can really feel the coldness more. Kuya Froilan, the one assisting us was there. I took the courage to ask him how he became blind. It was a sad and tragic story of human mistake. He said when he was three years old, he was brought by his mom to a hospital in Bulacan. The nurse took an eye drop put it on his eyes only to find that what is inside is an ACID. Imagine how it feels for a deadly fluid put on your eyes. His eyes are incurable. 

Until now he said no one knows who did that. They filed a legal case against the doctor and the hospital but when they are about to win, his attorney backed out.  He also shared how his day – to day as a blind person, sharing his wife is also blind but happy because their two kids were gifted eyes that can see.

The Eye Bank Foundation of The Philippines by the way is formed to find donors who are willing to give their corneas when they die. You just need to fill up a form which is a legal document under the Organ Donation Law Republic Act 7170 with two witnesses. 

Based on its name, I was thinking of literally owls in the show but I was totally wrong. It was actually a whole exhibit of the many animals in Zoocobia. We were sitting in an open field under  the canopy of stars. First we were introduced to smaller animals such as the owls, birds et cetera. Then came the bigger animals that  run as they pass by. They literally walk towards us, what really made me scared is when the ostrich came out, good thing there was one staff that is guiding.   It was a totally more appreciated show than in a stage. Then came the horses, that super long yellow snake and a lot more.

Photo credit to Sheila Leyva
After that I loved the cultural presentation of Aetas, this is the indigenous tribe that live in that area. The astounding LED light show that aims to educate us about animal and environmental conservation is also a must – watch. Too bad my camera is low - batt already, my powerbank is inside the shuttle.

All in all, I enjoyed spending my Saturday night in Zoocobia. I will definitely come back with my nephew in tow.

The Dinner In The Dark will continue every Saturday until Nov 27 to other Zoomanity's properties, please see the flier above for details. You can also check Zoomanity's website and check the official Facebook Fan Page here.