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Sunset Sailing On A Yacht In Manila Bay By NRS Business Solutions

I just love sunsets.  Most of my photos for the past few years of solo backpacking across the country wouldn’t be complete without a shot of a sun coming down.  When I went to Cambodia last October I did a sunset cruise for an hour on a boat for $5 only. It was my first time to go cruising and promised myself that it is not going to be my last.   Who would have thought that the next one will come just a month or so after?

Friday night, I went with fellow bloggers to go on a sunset cruising tour along Manila bay near Harbor Square in Pasay. This time it was way more than a pampering experience than the one I had in my previous trip abroad. Instead of a boat, we went sunset sailing on a yacht for two hours! The yacht operated by NRS Business Solutions is complete with everything – an airconditioned living room complete with a wide flat screen tv, super cozy couch, chairs and a table. It also comes with two rooms with each a single bed and a clean comfort room.

Like everyone, I remained on the top floor of the yacht to feel the wind smashing smoothly on my face and to see the surroundings of Manila Bay from a distance.  I drank two glasses of white wine and one red wine. It was really good to see fellow bloggers I have not talked with in any events in the metro. It is a pure delight in my own eyes to see the many establishments and skyscrapers glittering in different colors at night al fresco. We are so lucky it never rained, coz the view from the upper level of the yacht is hundred times magical than in the lower level. The big ferris wheel of Star City looked so stunning from afar and a lot more of buildings that I couldn’t remember since I was at the same time catching up with the bloggers.  This part of Manila looks so damn good when the night comes!  

To be honest I have not heard of any sunset sailing tour around Manila Bay so I chatted with one of the girl staff about it.  An hour of sunset sailing on a yacht by NRS Business Solutions costs Php12, 500. You need to book at least two hours so it is a total of Php 25, 000. You can add more if you want a crew or a buffet to be included. Yacht sailing along Manila bay is perfect to those who are looking for an intimate, romantic and peaceful getaway. I was told that this yacht can hold  40 – 50 individuals but I think the lesser the people inside the yacht, the more serene it would be. I think this suits for events and family gatherings that really value privacy above anything else.    

We only decided to go down the lower level for dinner and short programme. We were joined by no other than the founder of NRS Business Solutions, Norlin Sunga a single mom and a very successful entrepreneur.  She said the first reason why she put up a yacht sailing idea is for her kids to enjoy it and later on she wants to let other people how it is so awesome to go sailing right in the heart of the metro.

Norlin is a business - owner of diverse products and services that as a fellow woman, I couldn’t help but admire how she juggles her roles to everything. As someone who has intensive experience in the BPO and startup circles,  Norlin’s biggest international achievement  to date is bagging the Bill and Melissa Gates’ funded project in Africa, the AfSIS survey project which is all about working closely with renowned scientist and mathematicians to help make Africa more sustainable agriculturally.

In the local scene, NRS Business Solutions collaborated heavily with the local government of Imus City and the longest- running noontime show, Eat Bulaga, to donate 1 ton of plastic bottles to their Juan for All, All for Juan cause and promote an environment- themed concert.

The two hours of sailing seemed like just a ten minute ride as I was enjoying every moment.  I even excused myself to everyone and went on a spot that I was alone. I was also trying to go online using my mobile data connection but it was really hard.  Iwas asked by one of the PR ladies if I am feeling bored that is why I distanced myself from others, I said I am actually overwhelmed.

NRS Business Solutions offer services such as Startup Essential, Talent Management, Operational Excellence, Call Management (Inbound/ Outbound), Data and Content Management, Back Office Processes, Transcription Services, Email and Chat Support and Events’ Management.And oh, super thank you for this brand new and original Michael Korrs watch I won last night :)

For more information about the yacht sailing tour and the rest of services of NRS Business Solutions, please see the following details:

Contact numbers:  + 1 (323) 522-5976 • + (63) 2 859 2882
Facebook: nrsbusinesssolutions
Address: LKG Tower, 37 Floor, 6801
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
1226 Philippines

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