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My First Week Of Working As An Online Fulltime Remote Worker

Freelance life could be overwhelming: no one monitors you physically if you are doing your job and you really got to have that grit to get motivated or else you’re lost. I have just started my online fulltime remote work – managing social media accounts, answering customer reviews and uploading information.  There’s a few mistake of course and I hope not to do it anymore.  One thing that I really never expect is my writing quality is never that good enough. I loved writing. I wont be starting a blog that is already six years old if I don’t.  However my ownership to my blog  has gone a little loose. I admit I may have lost the flair of words to my blog posts. No one dictates what I write or proofreads what I say. Whether I have a grammar lapse or missing punctuation no one seems to bother, not even me. That is why I am such a big fan of this travel blogger slash writer who can sweep my heart through her posts. I think I open her blog more than mine recently.

With this new job, my eyes were opened about the quality of writing of a blogger like me. I admit I never cared at all in my blog posts until I found a job that requires me to write in high quality.  I mean I got his point as well, you just don’t write a crappy article just for the sake of it. You got to put some damn efforts for that.  To think that this online job does not require me to be online for a total of eight hours, he doesn’t mind so long as at the end of the deadline, the task has been done… right.
I need to revise the ten articles I have submitted until I get the nod.   Even me I am personally evaluating my posts, it is sloppy. What I liked about this one is that I am on my way to be a better writer and this would mean greater opportunity along the way.

Since mine is about creating travel guides I regretted throwing dozens of inflight magazines I use to collect. I  live in a condo unit at the 24th floor so our space is limited so last  New Year celebration I let go of these and a lot of old stuff I accumulated for a fresh new start.  Right now I am spending my time reading travel contents  by those who can write well. I am glad that I am subscribed to newsletters of my favourite international travel bloggers, inflight magazines,  travel magazines, travel brands and all that. I am carefully reading those loud and even got a small notebook to take note of a few more phrases or new words I can use for a more outstanding article.  

I loved writing since high school. Back then we got this big and thick Thesaurus book that our Mom bought. Every night I will find a few “unheard”words and take note of that then use it during our English class whenever we have essay writing and recitation. My classmates will laugh at me as they themselves have never heard of those so what I did is that I brought this big and thick Thesaurus thing.  They were convinced that the words are actually existing but me as a petite girl holding this from home and to the school, that’s the laughter I was not able to stop.        

Also more realities and mistakes happened :

1. Paypal 
This is the first time I used  Paypal. I added my bank account slash debit card incorrect so it takes up to seven days for a declined transaction to get fixed and another seven days for an amount to show up in your debit card. For every invalid transaction there is also a charge of Php 250 or $5.30 so imagine the headache this is  causing me.  I did it wrong twice so that’s freaking Php 500 already.  

2. Travel opportunity in Penang, Malaysia

I got another  travel blogging trip Penang, Malaysia for a hotel. This will be my third visit in this country. My time and resources are still jumbled because of the recent transition, I am putting this on hold and maybe take this shortly after my Hong Kong trip February next year.   They're asking for how much price but I don't know actually. 

3. Wordpress vs Blogspot

I am halfway of switching from Wordpress to Blogspot but there's only thing that I cannot let go here, the Adsense. This is where I make money out of clicks.  It is now already $464.70 or Php21, 840. I am waiting for my 4th paycheck via Western Union. I have already received the $374+ before. Right now it is just $90.51 so waiting to reach a hundred for me to cash it out. My blog is not famous but I made the design specifically catering to ads. I hope you have the idea where to place it effectively in your home page. I also did not focus on posting event related article but more on evergreen posts those that provide help over time like guides or how tos.


That is it for now. I have to go back reading travel articles and revising my own stuff.  Wish me luck :)


  1. Hi Rona! You are great! After reading your article it inspired me to bring my passion back. I admire your simplicity and humility! God speed!

  2. Thank you for the sweet words :) Hope to see you in future blogging events