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Looking for a cheap hotel in Hong Kong? Stay at Apple Inn, Mongkok

Dorm bed

One of the reasons why I bought a cheap tour package for my Hong Kong and Macau trip from DLC Backpackers is that I don't have much time to prepare. It is with deepest sadness that my mom can't go with me because she had problems with her government ID's. It will take longer than our flight schedule so definitely she is not gonna make it. Finding a budget hotel in Hongkong is my main concern because this country has higher living cost compared around the world. I left everything taken cared of this travel agency then hoped everything will be fine. It has to be good because I will be sleeping there for 3 nights.

13th floor office

As soon as I paid, I learned I'm staying at Apple Inn, Mongkok. I didn't even bothered to check TripAdvisor for any reviews, so that I will have an idea of what others say. I tried to check Hong Kong cheap hotels blog review or anything about Apple Inn Mongkok, I found none. That's why I decided to write my personal thoughts of my stay from a backpacker's view. I know I'm not the only solo woman slash on a tight budget traveler looking to go to Hongkong so I do hope this helps.



Apple Inn is located along Nathan Road in Mongkok, about an hour away by bus from Hong Kong International Airport. My impression is that I am booked to a backpacker hostel, that's what I know before my trip. Apple Inn actually isn't a full - pledged hostel because it caters to family with kids and even seniors. I even saw banners that one can stay for months, so Apple Inn for me is more like an affordable hotel and an apartment in Hongkong.

Sun Hing building inside

Apple Inn has a great location. It's just a few minute walk to Mongkok MTR station. The main office is located at the 13th floor of Sun Hing building. I don't  know how many total number of floors that Apple Inn occupy here aside from 11th floor where my dorm bed is and 14th floor to do laundry. My stay in Apple Inn gave me a hint of Hong Kong as one of the most densely - populated place in the world. Space is very limited - the dorm room is small where 3 double decks are limited and pantry can only occupy 3 (sitting) persons at a time. The lift can fit around 6 persons I believe. It follows a top - down approach so you have to wait all the way up or down after you get inside.

Entrance to Sun Hing building

I was frequently going to 13th floor if I need some help since it's where the receptionist is. I see private residences in other side of the building and other budget hotels too.


Apple Inn doesn't give you an extra comfort but aside from location, they got a lot of FREE stuff. I saved a bit for my breakfast because they offer FRE wafers, biscuits and coffee. Take note that these are limited so it's best to make sure you get a few pieces in the ref. Towel is FREE, power adaptor can be borrowed with a HK $20 deposit and the best of them all is that they provide FREE laundry.

We had to do it ourselves but it's fine. I met fellow travelers from China, Mexico and France just by spending 1-2 hours at the 14th floor where the laundry devices are. I'm so happy I'm going home barely without dirty clothes, love it so much!


They're not that technologically - advanced when it comes to security but I like the fact that they provide two number codes to get in : one for the main door and to the dorm room. You can immediately tell if someone is about to get inside because you can hear that person pressing the buttons.

Bidet shower

The comfort room is small and clean. Big bottles of liquid soap and shampoo are provided FREE to use too. The most favorite of lady backpackers, I've heard from a naughty guy backpacker is FREE to use too, the bidet shower. First time I heard about it, I didn't got what he meant but when I had so much time to take a warm shower, that's what I realized it's other use. It can be your most harmless device for self - pleasure, if you know what I mean. I think I may need to make a separate blog post for that.



When it comes to food, I really want to eat authentic Chinese food. The restaurants I checked along Nathan Road are so expensive. For a decent heavy dinner of noodles it's HK $30 and a cup of rice plus a pork or chicken is about HK $50+! The first night it was difficult to find one so I ended up with 7/11. A plastic bowl of some Chinese street food costs me HK $22. Not bad but I feel there is something more of Hongkong culinary I should taste so I looked around. I found one just behind the building where Apple Inn is located. I really recommend anyone staying at Mongkok to eat here.

View from my window

That's it if you are tight on a budget traveling to Hongkong and looking for a where to stay in Hong Kong blog, then  this write up for Apple Inn is perfect for you. However if you are looking for best area to stay in hong kong for nightlife, best area to stay in hong kong with family and where to stay in hong kong with kids, you may need to keep on looking. 

To know more about Apple Inn, please click here to check the official website

Address: Unit 1301, Sun Hing Building, 607 Nathan Road, MongKok. (MTR MongKok Station exit E1, 3 minute walk to AppleInn)

According to their website:

AppleInn is conveniently located, only 3 minute walk from MongKok MTR (HK subway). There are many choices of good food, shopping, & sightseeing within walking distance, including the Langham Place, Sin Tat Handphone Plaza, MongKok Computer Centre, Ladies’ Market, Temple Street, etc.

Apple Inn’s features:
HK Government Licensed Hostel;
24 hour CCTV security monitoring & recording system;
Guesthouse started in Feb2014, new decoration;
Friendly staff to provide information on travel, business, local specialties...;
Choice of private room,& 4-6 bed dormitories.

Apple Inn’s special offers are at below:
Free clothes wash & dry, self-serve ironing;
Free extra bed in private room;
Free color copy, print, scan;
Free local call, fax, WiFi;
Free use of PC, power adaptor, hair dryer;
Free luggage storage.

Directions from the airport:

A. Take Airport Express to Hong Kong Subway Station, then change to MTR (HK Subway) Tsuen Wan Line towards Tsuen Wan direction, take off at Mong Kok Station with Exit E1 (3 minute walk to AppleInn). Around 60 minutes for the whole journey and will cost HK$100.

B. Take Airport Shuttle Bus No. A21, get off at Sino Center stop (信和中心). Around 60 minutes for the whole journey and will cost HK$40.

If you are taking a bus:

Find the A21 bus outside the Hong Kong International Airport and pay only HK $30+. Get off at Mongkok Station along Nathan Road.

I will soon be posting separate write ups about DIY itinerary guide to 3D3N Hong Kong and Macau too.

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