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Media Fam Trip To LUANG PRABANG + NAN May 22 - 27 2016 Is looking for Bloggers, Writers, Photographers and PRINT Media Personalities to join this trip

Photo courtesy of Mekong Tourism
Part of my online job is to scour the net every single day of travel opportunities. This is the most recent I just learned and want to share to all fellow media and travel brand ambassadors. Mekong Tourism is sponsoring a 5 - day - 2 - country familiarization trip. It is an all - expense paid trip but you will have to shoulder your flight coming from your country to  Bangkok. The transportation between Laos and Thailand is shouldered by Air Asia.

Please see the details:


The trip will include a (re)discovery of Luang Prabang historical city, a major tourism destination and unique architectural gem not only for Lao PDR but also for the GMS and ASEAN. Luang Prabang is an excellent example of a successful protected historical area being turned into a major tourism destination for art, architecture, history lovers or for the ones who are looking for an authentic experience. 

We will start our trip from Nan, in Northern Thailand, a well-known destination from Thai domestic travellers due to the presence of Wat Phumin, one of Thailand’s most iconic temples with some of the most exquisite murals.

We will then board a boat for a day to do a cruise river trip along the Mekong River travelling from Thailand to Lao PDR to end up in Luang Prabang. They will be opportunities to meet local communities along the way.

Our trip will integrate a few interview sessions with our hosts during these four days. We would like to clarify that these meeting must be attended. We will keep them informal and entertaining! In Luang Prabang, we especially try to coordinate meeting with some representatives of the UNESCO and Luang Prabang Tourism.

We will provide you with transportation from Bangkok to Nan and Luang Prabang as well as transport between Thailand and Lao PDR. Accommodation and meals will also be provided. Other than the above offer, any additional cost relating to your stay in Luang Prabang and Northern Thailand shall be borne by yourself. Be aware that the entry visa to Lao PDR ranges between US$35 and US$45++. Please bring along an ID picture to issue the Visa-on-arrival and better bring US dollars to pay for the immigration fee. Visas are requested from NON-ASEAN citizens.

For us Filipinos, we don't need visas so it isn't too late to send your good intentions. They are selecting pretty soon so please make sure you get in touch with them. I emailed them and received a reply within the day. The travel dates I realized will be the same as another familiarization trip in Palawan I have already committed to join courtesy of the local tourism office so I have to skip this. Same arrangement : free hotel, food, tours and island - hopping. Good luck to the chosen ones!  

The next one I believe is in July at Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Tip: they will mostly like prioritize applications who are active contributors ( of travel guides) to the website of Mekong Tourism so start sharing your travel thoughts here. To read the complete details of Media Fam Trip sponsored by Mekong Tourism, please check the official website here.  

Keep on checking this blog, I will soon be posting a 5 - star beach resort that is looking for a blogger to spend 7 luxurious days all - expense paid trip in Phuket, Thailand for 2 :) 

Disclaimer: I am not in any way related to the contest organizer. I am here to just share the word. Should you have questions, please contact them directly.