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The ROX Outdoor Festival 2016 Blog Review

I have always been wanting the yearly an outdoor festival organized by R.O.X. Philippines, one of the biggest store in the Philippines that sell products related to travel and outdoor.  The temperature is around 38 degrees but this didn't stopped me from joining R.O.X. Outdoor Festival 2016, a two - day activity that showcases travel brands and hosts a lot of sports competitions like wall climbing. I came here on the second day already and as part of public so I didn't took a lot of photos nor joined seriously any workouts  since I am not a fitness buff. What I was looking for is to have fun while getting to know more travel brands I may connect with after and join a few physical exercises that my body can tolerate.

I first went around the booths lined up in the middle of Bonifacio High Street around 11am. Since I registered online,  I was told I have 2 chances of winning from the hourly raffle. There is a table for DIY bracelet making you can bring home once done. Outdoor brands such as Osprey and Eddie Bauer had some Facebook photo uploading contest. It is such a challenge walking under the scorching heat of sun, good thing Cobra energy drink and Summit mineral water were there! They gave us ice - cold bottles of these! 

Next one I came across Fresh Waters, a brand for outdoor footwear. I won a rushguard in their pick - a - prize raffle. It was bigger so I gave it to my brother.I didn't expect there was a free yoga class by Prana, a brand that sells yoga mats, attires and accessories. I quickly signed up and happy to get a slot. Among all these brands, the one that stood out the most is Great Escape Ph. A travel operator that offers glamping tour package in Palawan. I had a 15 - minute back massage and felt relieved after. I will post a separate feature of this 3d2n  getaway in Island Pandan Palawan soon. By 5pm, I went up to the 3rd floor of R.O.X. to join the yoga class. I just realized I am not really physically fit so I do pray to enroll in any yoga classes. I went home with a massage cream courtesy of Prana for aching joints. I love the soothing scent!

I went back to Great Escapes Ph for their complimentary shot of red wine and few slices of biscuit and cheese. Note that an registered articipant of R.O.X. Outdoor Festival can only choose either a 15 - min massage or the wine and cheese. I introduced myself as a blogger  and offered to feature their clamping tour  package in Palawan for free. One of their staff is so nice that she came back giving me a loot bag with a folding umbrella and some more. 

Other brands I remember interacting: 

Endurance sports magazine giving free copies, mountaineering clubs such as AMCI Mountaineering Club Inc is offering basic mountaineering course and UP Mountaineers for hiking. Mid-range tour packages to Bohol were offered by Amorita, Beach Momo House, Sta Monica Beach Club and the Funny Lion for Palawan. The DIY bamboo bike - making is very interesting organized by Colombia, another outdoor brand but there's too many to see that I can't just spend my whole afternoon here. Maybe another day for this.

The crowd is thicker in the Central Amphitheater of  Bonifacio High Street where the wall - climbing competition is held. By 8pm, after the Poi dance presentation, I went home and didn't wait to watch the whole awarding ceremony because I don't know anyone there to cheer. There's also free showing of the movie 'Happy Feet' al fresco at the same time. Would love to join but the night is getting darker and I fear the traffic is worse so I headed home. Next year, I am definitely joining the R.O.X Outdoor Festival again!

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