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Off to Cebu and Siargao to see Cloud 9 and Dedon Resort

Last February, my birthday getaway to see another new province in the Philippines didn't pushed through. I have this goal to visit the 81 provinces of my country, right now I have been to 35 only. There are already a handful of Pinoy travel bloggers who have done this. The shortest duration I believe is James Bettia of Journeying James, he went around the Philippines for 100 days. He recently even went around SE Asia for 100 days too! In my case, I don't want to put any timeframe to reach all the provinces of my country at the same i also dream of going to 11 Southeast Asian countries. If dreaming is not too much, I'd like to visit all the 60 visa - free countries for Filipino passport holders! These could mean a lifetime attempt, I am not in a hurry at all.

I was cleaning my drawer when I saw my gift voucher courtesy of this local airlines which I filed my complaint last year. I was given a free roundtrip flight to any of their local destinations. I have 6 months to book it and fly 1 year from the date I received it. I knew I had to book it soon before it expires so that is what I did. This time I chose Siargao Island. This island is famous as a surfing mecca in the country. There's even international surfing competitions held there! I am not a surfer nor a swimmer but the fact that it is a beach paradise, I have to see this!

I admit I did very little research about this place. When I was in the ticketing office, I only learned that there is no direct flight from Manila to Surigao, the province where Siargao belongs.  The option left is a connecting flight Manila - Cebu - Surigao. However my gift voucher is only good for a direct flight so I have no choice but decided to book Manila to Cebu roundtrip. Then I will just take a ferry to Siargao. I booked 5 days because lately I realized that as I get older each day, I wanted a slower pace of travelling: see few tourist spots, take  less photos but get to know more people and the culture.

Few days later while I am googling about things to do and places to visit in Siargao, I discovered a big mistake. It takes about 12 - hour (overnight) ferry ride from Cebu to Surigao plus another 3-hour boat ride to reach the island of Siargao. I was thinking it is only a 3-5 hour ride! My ticket is complimentary so it means it is non-rebookable at all. I can have the dates changed but it would cost Php 1,200 per way!

I will waste 2 nights for the roundtrip ferry ride plus a whole day in the airport of Cebu. What is left for me is 2 days and 2 nights to spend in the surfing paradise of Siargao. I almost want to cry when I realized all these so right now I am weighing things over. No matter what, this trip is gonna push through! I already scoured some Siargao blog reviews. A typical DIY itinerary to Siargao includes lots of island - hopping in Cloud 9 - the area where surfers flock. Daku island, Naked island and Guyam are the 3 most popular spots to visit plus the Sohoton Cave in Bucas Grande and Magpupungko Pool. I cannot promise a whole day of doing this given a short time so I am just ready to see what only I can.

The main reason why I really  wanted to visit Siargao is Dedon Resort. An ultra - luxurious beach resort that costs about USD 960 per night or Php 44k! I am not joking, check the website here. I emailed them to see if I can do a quick tour around and take photos, they said yes.

Nestrest hanging pod via Dedon Island website
I am looking forward to visit Paglaom Hostel, a backpacker hostel located in General Luna, Siargao. I have been hearing so much about this place for having an atmosphere of mixed guests from all over the world and that they seem to have great reviews from TripAdvisor. I have emailed them ahead of time to book for 2 nights and mentioned to do a blog feature of them after since the other remaining 3 days will be spent in commuting back and forth to Cebu.

Love to do my online work here! Pic from Paglaom Hostel
I was replied by one of the owners who insisted for me to stay longer like 5 nights because a shorter stay may not be enough to know this hostel. This is what he said:

"Our style is not a sleep and run place and for you to get a fair change to "get to know the family" we would like to request for you to stay for at least 5 nights. The reason is we would like to encourage our guests to experience Siargao beyond a hectic few days. As mentioned Paglaom really nurses the culture of belongingness and we believe a relaxed, longer stay is significant in creating a great vibe that can make or break your travel experience." 

That's it! Again, no matter what this trip is going to push through. I am crossing my fingers!  


  1. "...I discovered a big mistake ...." --> Oops !

    May be better to stay in the vicinity of Cebu, but if you are really are determined to push through, the trip should be an interesting, if rather tiring one.

    The following seems to be quite good for planning multi-mode trips:

    Cebu to Siargao by ferry is quoted as 14.5h.

    Maria's #1 Fan in London

    1. was thinking to stay in cebu too, but i have been here already. really wanting to visit another province

  2. I am becoming rather itchy-footed again, and hope to make it back to the Philippines in September / October, which unfortunately feels like a long way off. Although I suppose September is "only" 5 months (groan) away. Some good flight deals available at the moment. Due to my own planning mistakes, I feel that I did not make the most of the opportunities in my February trip...

    Maria's #1 Fan in London

    1. That is a nice idea, yeah maybe see more beaches around the phil :)