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Paragon Plaza Condo Blog Review

It was like a roller coaster ride because we kept on changing office addresses. From Pasig, we transfered to Makati and in Boni, Mandaluyong. Each time this company where I worked for 8 years changes location, we decide to find a nearer place to rent because we hate traffic and commuting for hours. I personally despise moving in my 'past' life, when the word 'travel' doesn't exist in my vocabulary. However looking back, I learned how to get around the metro from point a to z or randomly. I get to meet more people and spending years in each of this locations, leave a unique impression of what its like living in Manila.

I remember that time we were running out of days to find one. Our contract with the up-and-down 2 bedroom apartment we were staying in Makati that costs Php 10k per month for 4 pax is going to end. My former housemate and officemate, Ann saw a listing in a magazine dedicated for buy - and - sell stuffs, offering a studio - type and unfurnished condo unit near our work. I didn't know she was spending way too much time in finding where are the cheapest condo units in Pasig, Boni and Ortigas.

Paragon Plaza is one of the earliest condominiums built in the whole Metro Manila around late 90's and officially started accepting tenants in early 2000's. Right now, condo units in Manila have mushroomed everywhere with sleeker designs and much modern amenities but it's the prime location of Paragon Plaza that sets it apart from the rest. It is located along Edsa Avenue, one of the busiest highways in metro Manila. Standing tall in between 2 MRT stations - Boni and Shaw, I never fear going home early in the morning because the bus or taxi just drops me by in front of the main entrance. I don't need to get through dark alleys just to reach home.

In front of Paragon Plaza, is the VRP Hospital. Personally I won't recommend this hospital if you're on tight budget. If you got health insurance, then this is the place to be. Behind this hospital, is a budget school called Our Lady of Guadalupe College and a bunch of carenderias. For $1 or less, you can have a typical Filipino meal. Since I am the only one who doesn't cook, I frequent this place very often. Trust me, I scour every eatery in this long stretch of street almost every day. There is also an internet shop located just minutes away from VRP Hospital. It is here where I spent I think 2 - 3 years of doing my blogging and online tasks.

Paragon Plaza Condo is very near in so many malls  that shopping isn't a problem : SM Light, The Robinson's Pioneer, Starmall and SM Megamalls. If you can walk a bit further, The Podium and St Francis malls are just behind Megamall. 

There's a BDO bank and ATM machine in the right corner of Paragon Plaza. Behind, there's 7/11 store open 24 hours. This condo unit in Boni is divided into two: residential and commercial. From the main entrance, to the left is another glass door leading to three elevators that will bring you up until the 41st floor. There's a couch in the lobby for visitors and a reception table with personnel manning this 24/7. If you are a guest, you may not be permitted to get to the elevator. You will be asked who are you looking for and what unit number. Either the guard will call the unit owner through the intercon or go personally by knocking the door, to ask permission for the guest to come over their unit. This is an added security measure I like in a condo living although not as tight as the posh condos in Makati. Our intercon only worked for the first year, the rest we never got to use it!

I have been to a first - class condo just near Greenbelt in Makati flocked by mostly  foreigners. A one - bedroom fully furnished is around Php30k. In Greenbelt Park Makati, visitor is required to leave his/her ID card in the reception table and is given a pass. Upon leaving the condo, this small piece of paper should be signed by the person/unit owner whom you visited for you to get back your ID card.

Our unit in Paragon Plaza costs Php15k at most including the association dues, gym & swimming pool maintenance, electricity and water bills. Divided by 4, each of us only pays around Php3700+. Not bad after all. The studio unit is just 36 square meters so we don't have rooms. We just lie down our single - sized foam bed at night when we sleep then fold it at day time. This is a pretty small place so we have designated piece of spaces to each of us. We surround our own spots with drawers that serves as walls. One thing that we have to bear, is that during nighttime, when one decides to eat, cook, watch TV or so, the light is opened. There's no privacy at all. If you are too sensitive to brightness or noise, living in a studio type with other housemates you have no relation with apart from work may not be for you. Plus, the motor that hangs in the ceiling inside our bathroom sucks so bad. It produces a humming sound just like you start a motorbike's engine when we open the light. It is so annoying at all.

When,it comes to ammenities, Paragon Plaza is fine. In the 15th floor, the gymn and swimming pool all fresco is located. I only get to swim in the pool not more than 5 times in my 5 years of stay there. First I didn't know how to swim, second I don't have much spare time and third, I am careful to not to acquire any disease I may get from swimming in a communal pool unlike a beach.

The gym, I only get to use it once I think. For studio - type tenants, only 2 pax are allowed to use it for free. It's my two other housemates who put their names in the contract so I have no choice.

The 15th floor is personally my favorite hangout in the whole Paragon Plaza condo outside our own unit. Not only because of the gym and swimming pool, there's a wide open space in the right side that acts like a mini - park. It has cemented benches, flowery plants and palm trees where one can walk around. I see more people hangout here in the afternoon especially the yayas bringing the kids to play here. If I want to chill out, I go down here and get a fresh breeze of air. You wouldn't believe this is just located along Edsa Ave at all.

Before when the nearby condos arent built yet, we can see from here the mountains believed to be in Antipolo, Rizal and a lake in Tagaytay. There are also tables and chairs where we bring visitors for casual chats should we decide not to let them in our units. This is also where smokers are allowed to burn their cigarettes. What I hate about this is that there was no clear indication where they have to smoke so when they come over, non - smokers like me move or go to the mini park to avoid breathing their smoke.

Right now there are a lot of condos built near Paragon Plaza.  SM Light and Avida Residences to the right and left. Behind are the two towers of The Flair Residences and San Lorenzo Place.  In the commercial area of Paragon Plaza, I have heard there are a few of small BPO and digital marketing companies that operate here such as Nyxsys, Euroasia Manpower Services and a lot more. There's even a school here, the The Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Institute (CTHI). A mid-range type of restaurant called Kaffe Teria, is here too operated by one of the shareholders of this condo. My favorite is their version of pancit canton though for Php99, I can't afford to eat here every day.

A number of radio stations also call Paragon Plaza home such as Mellow 94.7, Magic 89.9 and a lot more. That is why from time to time, we see local celebrities and famous political figures come over the main entrance for interview. There were a few local stars who are working, staying or who stayed here before: Jason Abalos, Carla Dunareano, Bobby Yan, Palanca brothers (Bernard and Miko) and more.

I have befriended one of the tenants who lived here since building this condo. Lorry, a former industrial engineer and now a real estate broker, once shared to me that she can vouch for the much higher quality of materials used to construct this building because she was once part of the team who dug a big hole to serve as foundation of this condo. As an engineer herself, she even thinks that Paragon Plaza is much better than other newer condos in terms of quality and space. Newer condos are smaller in space like the hallway and the units itself, in Paragon Plaza it is not the case.

Aside from the 15th floor, a much better view of the skyline is in 37th floor where you can have a 360 - degree look of buildings from Makati, Ortigas, Pasig et cetera. I see families do night picnic here by grilling meat and friends drink beer or so. These aren't allowed in the 15th floor. I so love this place but for the past 3 years, or so it has been closed for renovation. This is one of the reasons why Paragon Plaza admin sucks. There's a few more but I'd rather not tell it.

Anyway, if given a chance to buy my own condo unit, I will still consider getting a unit in Paragon Plaza because of it's location. Be prepared though to bout air pollution. It's EDSA dude, what can you expect? If you want to rent or buy a unit in Paragon Plaza I highly recommend Lory. She knows this condo inside and out.

Paragon Plaza Condo details:
Address : 162 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Website address:

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