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Attention Coffeeholics: Bo's Coffee Opens A Branch in BF Aguirre, Parañaque

One thing that I do every single day religiously is  drinking a hot cup of coffee. It gives me that kick on my whole body saying "Hey, it's a brand new day already. Keep going!" Now that I have left the corporate world and gone freelance, I crave for coffee and visit coffee shops much frequent! Whenever I need to socialize, get bummed at working online at home, and just to be in a place that glorifies the aroma of anything brewed especially coffee beans, I am sold already! 

Last week, I had the opportunity to join the launching of the newest branch of Bo's Coffee in BF Aguirre, Parañaque. I know it is super far from me since I am from Makati but that day  I feel the heck of doing it even though it's gonna cost me extra money to get there and will eat a few hours of my time.  I even got lost which caused me some stress but when I arrived at the newest location of Bo's Coffee, my sweat on my forehead disappeared. Like every Bo's Coffee, there's a vibe that the moment you get inside, the warmness of the staff, their smile, the soothing music, and of course  their coffee were enough to set my mood just fine. 

Photo credit: Kim Baylon

We spent half an hour getting to know each other and me living in a  semi - chaotic part of Makati, I see that the street of Aguirre is pretty laid-back. This is for me one of the most perfect places to sip your cup of coffee  without getting "harassed" of how time passes by. No wonder, Bo's Coffee: the country's all - Filipino specialty coffee shop has decided to have their presence in this bustling community of BF Paranaque. I learned so much about brewing coffee on our own. Bo's Coffee uses coffee beans that are sourced locally from highland farmers in Sagada & Benguet in the Mountain Province, Mount Kitanglad in Bukidnon, Mount Apo in Davao, and Mount Matutum in Tupi, South Cotabato.

"We want everyone to feel the Bo's Coffee experience as they look for a nook and haven where students, friends, and families can study, bond, and share stories in a cozy and feel-at-home atmosphere over their favorite local brew", Coochy Mamaclay, Bo's Coffee VP for Brand & Marketing, said.

Here's the best part of the grand launching of Bo's Coffee - the first 100 customers will get FREE amounts of coffee! The first one in line will get a cup of coffee for 365 days or one whole year! The 2nd in line will get 6 months, 3rd will get 3 months, while the 4th and up to 100th will get a week's supply of Bo's Coffee! 

If there's one thing that I love about Bo's Coffee compared to the other known international coffee brand is that they have this "panata" - to give their best to customers. They won't get your name and scream it loud once they are done with your cup of coffee. What they do is serve your order by going to where you sit. This is actually how Filipinos take care of their guests. Every Bo's Coffee shop is a platform for local artistry and craft at its finest, from the chandeliers conceived by world-famous designer Kenneth Cobonpue to the furnishings such as the colorfully upholstered by ANTHILL Fabric Gallery. Aside from their coffee, I also love the fact they got two of my favorite proudly - Filipino made products: Bayani Brew iced tea plus Theo and Philo chocolates!

Regrets, I don't have lots of photos since I left the battery of Canon SLR. I have the camera with me but wasn't able to use it. You can read here one more feature of Bo's Coffee by fellow participant slash blogger Ayn Beato. More Bo's Coffee shops will be opened soon! For more information, please visit the official website of Bo's Coffee at and like its Facebook Fan Page here for updates. 

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