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Looking for a Budget Holiday Experience? Try Backpacking!

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If you’re tired of guided tours, luxury resorts and restricted holidays where you can’t explore, then you might need backpacking in your life. Stay away from those expensive holidays and consider backpacking for your next major trip abroad. You’ll save a lot of money, you’ll see more of the world, and you’ll get to meet loads of interesting people and immerse yourself in the culture of a country. Not convinced yet? Then here are a couple of reasons why you should go backpacking, but also a few considerations that you should keep in mind.

A great way to keep fit on holiday
A lot of us go on vacations and come back home feeling a little heavier thanks to all the luxury food, sitting around and room service that’s on offer. Fortunately, backpacking is an adventure that keeps you fit and encourages you to stay on the move. You’ll travel to new places all the time with your luggage on your back, and you’ll get to stray off marked roads in favour of exploration.

You’ll see things you’ve never seen before
Things is a rather broad term, but it goes without saying that you’ll experience far more culture, traditional and food while backpacking that a traditional holiday. Instead of eating in expensive tourist trap restaurants, you’ll get to sample delicious food from local places that offer authentic cuisine. You’ll get to see what life is like for the locals, and you’ll be immersed in the atmosphere and culture of a country.

It’s easy to stay safe
Backpacking can be seen as the wild west holiday due to how unpredictable it is. You won’t be sure who you’ll meet, you’ll experience a lot of different things, and you might even have your belongings stolen. But staying safe can be simple, even if you purchase the cheapest travel insurance available to you. Travelling in groups increases your safety for each person you bring along, and assuming you carry enough money and a handy first aid kit, you should have no issues backpacking.

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Backpacking is cheap
The main point of this article. Backpacking is cheap because you won’t be staying in fancy hotels, you won’t be buying expensive food and you won’t be taking a taxi everywhere. Backpacking relies on your instincts and research to get where you want to go. Assuming you’ve done a bit of digging online, you should be able to outline a simple plan and know how to pick cheap hotels and hostels (or places to sleep outdoors) to stay for the night. After all, you won’t need room service, a swimming pool or other expensive amenities while staying the night—all you need is a bed. If you look at food travel blogs on the internet, you’ll find plenty of cheap eats all over the world that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Discover the traveller in you
Backpacking is a way to sate your wanderlust. If you’ve ever felt like wandering off into the sunset, climbing a mountain in the distance or sitting down at a table to converse and eat with locals, then backpacking is the choice for you.

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