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Bali Bliss Nail and Day Spa: Pampering Service To The Fullest

My endless blog backlogs and planning for my two big trips: Vietnam this week and Thailand this June exhausted me so much. Before, I would spend countless weekends at home but now it is rare I get to have that moment. Time for me has been a huge risk  for being a multi - tasking person I am today.  Just when I was dying to have a pampering session to relax my tired soul, came an invite through my fellow blogger friend Leomy. A whole afternoon of pure relaxation with Bali Bliss Nail and Day Spa came to the rescue! It was an answered prayer indeed! The first thing that resonated me is the word "Bali", this is a famous getaway in Southeast Asia known for nice beach and yoga. I am so lucky to have been here 3 days out of the 15 days I traveled around Indonesia last year.   

Though I was totally lost to get to the spa and was on the verge of going back home because it is nearly an hour but I can't find my way through, I still made after walking for another 3 minutes! Bali Bliss Nail and Day Spa's branch in Katipunan Quezon City is tucked away in the second floor of a small building - away from the noisy crowd which is perfect for anyone who wants to be pampered fully. 

Unlike other spa's I have seen, Bali Bliss Nail and Day Spa isn't your typical Instagrammable place with bright lights and colorful decorations. It has NO wifi at all. Oh well, for some millenials - it is a key characteristic whether they could have a photo to brag online that's why  I had to point this out.  I kind of not liked it but when I was able to talk with one of the staff, I learned the reason behind this.  

The vibe
They value the word "relaxation" so that means when you are inside Bali Bliss Nail and Day Spa, you have to leave your worries behind  because you are there to enjoy the moment. It is not that they don't want to offer wifi - they want you to get offline for a while. I understand how we are all so consumed of this online word that sometimes all we need is to disconnect and feel the real world! They put dim lights all over to not to distract someone who has fallen asleep and really emphasize a good music to sooth one's bothered soul. 

After I took some rest and chatted with fellow bloggers, the staff asked me in a very low voice what service do I want for myself? I wasn't exactly sure but I said whatever is the best - selling service they have, that's it. She said hot stone massage. Sounds like really great for me who is dying for a pampering session! She first proceeded to prettify my nails (hands and toes) plus this foot spa I so badly need as well. Whew! What more can I ask for?

The service
She guided me to my "room". Loved it that she didn't make me wait nor put me in a hurry mode. In  Bali Bliss Nail and Day Spa, you own your time that you are not able when your family is around or you are at work. We had a whole body massage then proceeded to this hot stone thing. She put these mildly hot ivory stones one by one on top of my  spines and sooo love it! It's like it took away soo much burden and stress away there.

She was asking me all along, if the pressure was fine and if the stones are hot enough. The music really got me so sleepy but I knew I owe them some good photos so I had to do job my job well. How I wish I can just freeze the time! I only knew that it has ended when she asked me if I want a cold glass of water or a hot taragon trea. I chose the later because this plant naturally relaxes our senses.

More chat with the manager of Bali Bliss Nail and Day Spa in Quezon City came after my pampering session that took almost 3 hours of bliss.  I shared to her that I have been to Bali and comparing what I have seen there and here is almost the same. She said it could be the reason because all of their furniture, products, and even the batik - inspired dress of their staff came from Bali. Most of all the owner of this spa, comes to Bali every now and then to receive training and certification living up to its branding. 

The best news is the prices are so affordable! With over 16 branches around Manila, one does not need to go to Katipunan Avenue if you're around Pasig, Marikina, and Cainta there are a number of branches of Bali Bliss Day and Nail Spa is there. Below is the list of rates:

They don't have website yet. For more information, please click the official Facebook Fan Page of Bali Bliss Day and Nail Spa here.

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