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Went on a FREE Flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with Jetstar Asia

I'm writing this blog post just hours after I landed back to Manila. Lacking sleep and rest, I feel I need to post something in my blog so here am I. If you follow me on Facebook, you may know that I have won a pair of roundtrip tickets through an Instagram contest called #TravelFakie by Jetstar Asia last year. I sold the other flight ticket for half the price because none of my loved ones are able to join. Unfortunately, because of some unseen circumstances this girl was not able to join me so here am I travellling alone again. I didn't prepared much for this trip nor plans to spend bigger or stay longer. I just want to have a glimpse of Vietnam's capital city. For me four nights is enough. My initial plan is to go to Hanoi to see Halong Bay or see those beautiful lanterns in Mui Ne but Jetstar Asia do not have flight there. I only had 2 options - Ho Chi Minh and Dalat. I chose the first one because of my penchance to street food that started from following a fellow travel blogger who called Saigon once her home.

I did not do much planning so just a week before my trip only I started sending pitch to hostels for possible sponsored stays. I emailed a bunch and got three positive replies. First one, The Hideout Hostel offered me 3 nights including free breakfast every morning and one bottle of beer every night. Second, Sakura Hostel Saigon gave me 2 nights but no other complimentaries. Last one is DaBelend Hostel, who gave me 2 nights but the condition is that I also produce high - resolution photos which they'll use for marketing. While I believe I have a good amount of knowledge in photography, I am still yet to call myself a professional photographer so I politely declined.

Since I have a total of 4 nights, I paid for my last night in Hideout Hostel because I don't want to stress myself to move to another accommodation even though I still have 2 other hostels willing to host me for free and it is my last night. All went well. I chose a good location which is District 1 in Pham Ngu Lao street. It is like the Khao San Road of Bangkok or Pub Street of Siem Reap. I only have USD 300 in my pocket and I swore to myself that no matter what I will only spend USD 100. I watched out all of my expenses and made sure to take advantage of the free breakfast in my hostel every morning. I also did not pass the chance of drinking free beer every night!

I never met any nor had time to go Tinder-hunting but I did met a nice Vietnamese-French startup and hostel owner of Da Blend Hostel whom I had a caphe sua de with (iced coffee). He wants to meet travelers for a quick chat and see how things are going. He seems to be really into entrepreneurship and his hostel is in District 3 which is not in the spotlight but gives the guests less chaos.

Will be blogging about my travel guides in Ho Chi Minh soon, stay tuned! Also I'm off to Bangkok from June 5 to 28. It is going to be 3 weeks because I plan to volunteer on Workaway. I am a bit worried because I have not found any host that's willing to let me stay. I am not giving up yet!    


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