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Watch Lakbai, TV 5's Newest Travel Show Featuring Baste Duterte, Bogart The Explorer and Friends

Right after my pampering session with Bali Bliss Day and Nail Spa in Quezon City, I head to Aracama in BGC to join the launching of LakBai, TV 5's newest reality adventure show. I have two reasons why I should not let this pass - to see presidential son Sebastian "Baste" Duterte in person and witty, social media famous Bogart the Explorer. I got stuck in traffic pretty bad but managed to get to the beginning of the show. Looking sweaty (good thing it is 7 pm) and a bit haggard because of the stress inside the jeepney for 45 minutes, I quickly signed up for my name and looked around. Gosh, the house is full!

There's a nice small stage with a big screen showing snippets of the pilot episode of Lakbai and there are eight persons sitting in front plus the lovely host wearing sexy, red dress. There are only two faces I know - Baste Duterte and Bogart The Explorer. I mean, who wouldn't know them? Our local TV stations have only few travel-themed shows and most of these are scripted, very commercialized, and for general public consumption. Lakbai, in  my own observation is the "reality" in a "reality show" that takes viewers on a tour of some of the most picturesque spots in the Philippines without too much sugar coating. Obviously, all eyes are on Baste Duterte who is the most charming that night and one of the most-admired bachelors in the country. With his "bad boy" image and have gathered quite a league of swooning girl fans, Baste I think will be the front of this show. Lakbai is short for DavaoeƱo dialect, "Lakaw ta bai" or "Lakad na kaibigan". In English it is translated to (Let's) walk, friend but means "Let's travel, my friend".

Running for the next 8 weeks starting May 21st after PBA on TV 5, this all-guys travel show will showcase the best places in the Philippines in a whole new light. In every episode, the hosts will explore a location and participate in local activities that would leave them feeling a connection with that place. Since all of them are from Davao, This is going to be a local TV show in the Philippines where not only Tagalog (the country's national language) is used but also Bisaya. For every episode, they have guest celebrities who will join them and add more fun to the show. This is Baste Duterte's first time to delve in the entertainment industry which is not something that would surprise us because as presidential son he is often in the limelight. For the first time, viewers and his fans will see the adventurous and quirky side of Baste in every trips. Bogart the Explorer, known for his hilarious adventures as seen in his viral videos with his superb Australian accent is also something to look forward to! 

Completing the gang are three of Baste's closest friends: Atty. Alexis Lumbatan - a lawyer by profession and jokester at heart, Sboi Malicay - the cool bro who keeps the mood light, and Andrei Apostol - creative guy and designated videographer. That's it! Can't wait to watch them on Ma 21st after PBA on TV 5.

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