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Get to know BEAT (Business Executives Alliance in Tourism Inc): A Ten-Year Old Group of Tour Operators & Travel Agencies in Manila

Looking for a group of travel agencies and tour operators in Manila to join? Check this out.

In my seven years of travel blogging, I couldn't count how many amazing travel operators and travel agencies around the country I have worked with. They are some of the most passionate individuals who tirelessly promote our tourism sector and at the same time make a living out of it. What I didn't know actually is that like other industries in the country, they also form groups to support each other for personal growth and business development. 

One great example is BEAT (Business Executives Alliance in Tourism Incorporated), a ten-year-old SEC registered group composed of mostly tour operators and travel agencies based in and out of Manila. Two nights ago, I had the honor to join their General Membership Meeting at Rizal Park's Orchidarium Function Hall. It was a small gathering yet an intimate and fun dinner celebration for the members who came from different parts of Manila. The ladies came in boho chic theme and the gentlemen showed up in summer luau attire.

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Together with my blogger friend Mars Callo who invited me to join this event, we witnessed the new and old members catching up with each other. We also met the newly-elected members for 2018. There was a short talk about updating their members of the legalities and accreditations that every business owner should do. I think this is one of the best reasons why groups like BEAT become handy to rising entrepreneurs in local tourism industry who need help in many aspects. It would be much easier to accomplish and figure things out as a startup or a thriving company because you are surrounded by like-minded people who belong to the same industry you are in.  This way, failures are less likely to happen and keeping up with current trends is much easier. 

How to be a member of BEAT
For only Php 1, 500 registration fee good for a year, travel agency owners and tour operators can join BEAT provided that their businesses are legally registered in the country. That means their company has DTI permit, Mayor's permit, BIR-certified et cetera. These legal documents should be updated at all times.

There's a quarterly meeting for the members of BEAT. This is not a requirement though for them to show up but there's more to their presence that makes them an abiding member of BEAT. These meetings are a great way to build connections with other members. 

Only a maximum of 50 members is allowed to make sure that members are given enough space and assistance that BEAT can. Travel agencies have different specialties from offering educational tours to responsible/eco tours. 


Aside from tour operators and travel agencies who can join BEAT?
The good thing about BEAT is that it is not exclusively a group of travel agencies and tour operators in Manila.  Transport operators such as van drivers and tourist/coaster bus companies, hotel affiliates and resort owners are also members of BEAT. The more diverse the group is, the better for every member who are also widening their network or partnerships for their services so it is a win-win for everyone.

What are the benefits of being a member of BEAT
If you're a travel agency owner, your biggest challenge is how to gain partnerships whether you're looking for a trusted bus driver or a highly-skilled tour guide. One of BEAT's goal is to be the platform where each member networks with another member according to what kind of support they need. Finding the right person to collaborate with lessens the chance of being scammed because both parties know they belong to the same group. They are aware of their accountabilities and responsibilities to each other.

Congratulations to the newly-elected officers of BEAT for 2018-2019.President: Ms Luchie Consolacion | Travelease Inc.Vice President - Internal: Ms Bing Rubio | Pogi TravelVice President - External: Mr. Gerry Del Rosario | Gerjaz Travel and ToursSecretary: Ms Erlie R. Dumayag | Moments Travel & ToursTreasurer: Ms Tess Sta. Ana | Unliblessing Travel & Tours Auditor: Ms Zayda San Gregorio | Anchorage Travel & ToursPRO: Mr Sandy Clamor


What are the trials and obstacles that every travel agencies and tour operators are facing right now
The Internet and the millenials' mindset of doing everything DIY. Because "sky is the limit" when you're online: booking a flight, finding the cheapest hotel or planning one's trip itinerary is just a click away. Travel blogs provide a lot of information for them to visit destinations without buying a tour package. More people specially the millenials are travelling the cheapest way possible so basically, they don't get services from a travel agency anymore. Getting a passport now can also be done online without the assistance of a travel agency. These things, are happening.

The world evolves every second. We've heard of these robots taking over our jobs soon. The travel industry in the Philippines is changing. These tour operators and travel agencies should make sure they belong to a support group to keep them in the loop. This is where BEAT going to come in.

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