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The Coffee Estate Review in Amadeo Cavite

Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines
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What to do in Cavite: Stay at Olivia's Coffee - The Coffee Estate in Amadeo

Ever wonder what it's like to have a staycation in the Philippines' coffee capital? It would be no doubt all about coffee! There's only one resort in Cavite I can recommend for this kind of experience: Olivia's  Coffee - The Coffee Estate. From drinking "real" cup of aromatic, hot coffee in the morning to having a spa treatment made of coffee at night, The Coffee Estate will make sure your stay with them will awaken the coffeeholic in you.  Staying here's is like two birds in one shot!  You get to stay in an Instagrammable resort plus indulge in a wellness escapade. 

Before I proceed, I will tell you one thing. I have been to a lot of resorts near Manila and around the country so my standard is quite higher than usual. I mean, you can't just get my "yes" when you invite me to a typical resort, let's say in Pansol, Laguna because it seems everyone goes there without any plus thing to do other than swim in a crowded big pool. 

Please don't get me wrong and I mean no offense of mentioning Pansol here - it is all up to you but at this point in my life, I became more particular about the many things I used to take for granted before: privacy, comfort, cleanliness and doing the same things over again.

All I care is as long as it's cheap - I'll take it but as I grow older, I now spend some time to weigh things over. Before, I would choose hostels no matter what because it's ridiculously cheap but now I am no longer the young, single and broke girl so I am slowly embracing the mature, independent girl who's open to spending more for a place to stay that's worth every cent I pay.  

What's in Amadeo, Cavite
Amadeo wouldn't be called as the country's premier coffee capital for nothing. It is said that 75% of Amadeo's total land area is composed of coffee farms and private backyards of families full of trees. It would be no wonder this is a great place to have a laidback vacation to experience the rural life once again without having to book a flight or take an overnight bus for us who live in Metro Manila. 

Also, one thing I didn't expect is the chilly weather. Amadeo is geographically very near in Tagaytay which is just 5 - 10 minutes away. These two places share the same cold weather that I super love especially from January to February. These are the months that the weather is at the lowest temperature. You might not need the aircon turned on because you don't have too! 

Amadeo is know to produce three types of coffee: Excelsa, Liberica and Robusta. These are the usual types of coffee known to the world. Some of the biggest 3-n coffee brands get their coffee supplies in Amadeo. Although please don't get me wrong, THE REAL COFFEE IS NOT THE SACHETS OF 3-N-1's WE BUY.  

Introduction to The Coffee Estate 
The Coffee Estate is owned by Mr. Joselito and Mrs. Olivia Lansang plus a coffee farm and two coffee shops in Cavite. It is made of three floors - the first two are occupied by their children since they are now based in Canada. The third/top floor used to be shared by the children when they were younger but now that they have their own family already, they decided to have it rented and make a business out of it.

At the top floor, there are two rooms and one bathroom that can be shared by a group of up to 20 persons. Before you reach the rooms from the stairs, there's an ample space where everyone can bond before going to sleep. The back part gives you the view of the lush mountains and the swimming pool. At the right, banana trees fill the space. There's no elevator to go up and down. Don't worry the sceneries that await you while you give your body a quick exercise, is super worth it.  

The Coffee Estate has a coffee farm and proudly has its own coffee variety called Via. It is a mixture of the 3 coffee varieties I mentioned above,

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The Coffee Estate is everyone's ideal tropical staycation in Manila.  Watch the video below to know why! 


What I like about The Coffee Estate
  • The Coffee Estate is a great place for couples, friends and families who would like to have a vacation on their own. The whole place (2 rooms on top floor) can be rented giving them exclusivity to use the swimming pool. I'm very picky when it comes to public swimming pools. Here, the swimming pool is properly taken care of. Every day, there's a designated person whose task is to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. For couples who really don't need two rooms, they also offer one room which is built separately from the main house.   
  • The Coffee Estate maintains cleanliness and orderliness in high standard. The grass field is always trimmed to its ideal height. Flowers bloom everywhere. The bathrooms are clean.  
  • Many activities to do - Aside from swimming in the pool that lights up at night, you can watch the sunset, play basketball on the basketball court and just do nothing! 

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What I like THE MOST at The Coffee Estate
The Coffee Estate's in-house spa is the top reason why I will return to this resort soon. Their body scrub and facial clay mask are so heavenly for a lady like me who likes to pamper my skin from time to time. I didn't realize the scent of coffee through oil is so relaxing! They also offer body massage too. Take note: These wellness products were formulated by the owners themselves using the coffee ingredients from their farm and they only offer these services to those who stay for at least a night.   

The Coffee Estate in Cavite

How much to book a/n (wedding) event at The Coffee Estate
  • VENUE WITH AISLE ON POOL Php 50, 000 - How about a wedding aisle in the middle of the pool? This includes wedding venue on garden and poolside, complimentary parking space, 1 night stay on resort, room for bride & groom and free use of swimming pool up to 10 persons
  • VENUE WITH BUFFET Php 1, 000 per head - For a minimum of 100 guests, indulge your loved ones with a sumptous meal. This includes wedding venue on garden and pool side, complimentary parking space, 1 night stay on resort, room for bride & groom and free use of swimming pool up to 10 persons
  • SPECIAL PACKAGE Php 1, 300 per head - Looking for a place to have your dream wedding come true? The Coffee Estate will make it happen. This includes wedding venue on garden & poolside, aisle on pool, buffet menu selection, complimentary parking spaces, wedding gift for bride & groom, a bottle of sparkling wine for toasting, three-tier wedding cake for cake cutting ceremony, wedding venue set-up including a decorative cage with a pair of dove

How much is Entrance & Spa  Rates  
  • Day Swimming Pool | 8am - 8pm | Php 2, 000 | Includes entrance for 10 persons
  • Spa Room | 2pm - 12nn | Php 3, 00 | Includes entrance for 2 persons
  • Garden Room | 2pm - 12nn | Php 2, 500 Includes entrance for 2 persons
  • Family Room |(2pm - 12nn) | Php 12, 500 Includes entrance for 20 persons. Room has 3 queen size bed & 2 extra mattresses
  • Extension per hour | Php 300
  • Additional per pax | Php 150
  • Shiatsu Massage |1 hour Php 350
  • Swedish Massage | 1 hour Php 300
  • Combination Massage 1 hour Php 500
  • Add ons: Ventosa | Php 50 and Stone | Php 100
  • Body Scrub | Php 600
  • Face Mask | Php 350
  • Special Package | Php 1, 350 | ncludes Combination Massage, Face Mask & Body Scrub  

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Inclusions & Amenities
Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi
Basketball Court
Complimentary Coffee
Gas Stove
Videoke (until 10pm due to city ordinance)
Activity area (2nd & 3rd floor)
Terrace (for family room package)

Where To Eat in Amadeo, Cavite
Your stay in The Coffee Estate wouldn't be complete if you don't drop by to any of its two sister coffee shops: Olivia's Coffee Javalera Gentri branch and Olivia's Coffee by Aldabok Amadeo Branch. Their best-sellers are Adobo Pasta and Sisig Pizza.  For local desserts, I recommend their special Puto Bumbong and Fried Suman sa Mangga. 

Olivia's Coffee Amadeo Cavite

That's it. Next time you plan a staycation that's just near Manila. I suggest in Amadeo, Cavite. Now you know where to stay. Click HERE to book The Coffee Estate via AirBnb.

More information about The Coffee Estate 
Address: 059 Bucal Amadeo Cavite
Contact number: 09256866363 

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