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The 2018 BANAUE International Music Composition and Competition

Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines
2018 BANAUE International Music Composition and Competition

Banaue is one of my most favorite destinations in the Philippines. I went there with my sister and her friends 3 years ago. I can still recall the chilly weather that made me regret why I didn't bring a jacket because I was thinking the low temperature is just the same as Baguio. I ended up shaking and hating myself for not listening to my mom. Nevertheless, I feel victorious for crossing another item on bucket list which is seeing another Philippine UNESCO world heritage site - the rice terraces of Banaue.

Prizes for the winners of 2018 BANAUE International Music Composition and Competition Grand Prize = USD 12, 000Two consolation awards = USD 6, 000

Having seen the rice terraces in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam I can say ours is more breathtaking so it hurts a bit whenever I hear that in our country there are so little things that are done to save the Banaue rice terraces.

Speaking of, yesterday I had the honor to join the media launching of 2018 BANAUE International Music Composition and Competition at Shangri-la Hotel Makati. This event aims to invite the most-talented songwriters and composers to create Banaue-inspired symphonic works. The first of its kind to be done in the Philippines, this music competition's top goal is to promote cultural awakening for the preservation of the rice terraces of Banaue. 

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The shortlisted composer participants will be joining the Banaue Immersion Program where they'll go to Banaue, of course, to learn and experience local music and culture. Once they are there, they can do revisions before the semi-finals round.

There were countless attempts to save the dilapidated rice terraces of Banaue from the government and various private groups but nothing happened. The Universal Harvester Inc and other stakeholders have decided to do their part through the 2018 BANAUE International Music Composition and Competition. The call to help restore an endangered heritage site that continues to draw tourists from all over, but is slowly being threatened by environmental degradation and worse, abandonment by descendants of its original is real. We must do our part as soon as possible.

Despite this heartbreaking reality, there are small leaps of achievements that need to be recognized too. Out of the 600 hectares of damaged parts of Banaue Rice terraces, 29 hectares have been restored already.   

banaue rice terraces songwriting competition

Ten composers will be chosen to perform on the Finals night at CCP Complex. This music competition was spearheaded by Banaue Rice Terraces Restoration Project of the Universal Harvester Incorporated headed by Dr. Milagros O. How (President & CEO) and the local government of Banaue led by Mayor Jerry U. Dalipog. The organizers firmly believe that this event will create awareness that the current generation should take care of the Banaue rice terraces and not let it destroyed as time passes by.

2018 banaue international songwriting  contest

Let me share to you some Ifugao Rice Terraces trivia

  • Stairway to the Sky is a movie directed by National Artist Gerardo de Leon in 1975. Starring Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon, this is about the origins of the rice terraces and the Ifugao's search for the promised land.
  • The Terraces Plaza in Baguio was an idyllic mountain resort amid a forest of pine trees in the 70's. It was 12-stories high which was built out of the inspiration from the Ifugao rice terraces. This hotel collapsed during a big earthquake in 90's that killed more than a thousand people.
  • Hollywood movie "The Year of Living Dangerously" staring Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver was a movie shot in 1982. One of the movie's scenes was filmed at Banaue Hotel in Ifugao.
  • Banawe Street in Quezon City was named after the Philippine mountain ranges (Mayon, Halcon, Banahaw, Pinatubo, Apo & Banawe). It's famous as the place to go for cheap car mechanic services and brand new or used car parts.
  • Philippine money 1, 000 bill of the New Generation Series issued in 1991 features the Cordillera rice terraces.
  • San Miguel Corporation's Headquarters in Mandaluyong is an eight-story building made of glass and steel. The architectures slash designers of this bulding were the famous Manosa brothers who admitted they were inspired by the rice terraces  in Banaue.  

Deadline of application is April 15, 2018. If you know anyone talented individuals who can join this songwriting competition in the Philippines about Banaue, please share this good news before the 15th of the coming month.   

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