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Blo Blo Bar Rockwell: Check Out this Hair Style Salon in Manila

Remember Cream Silk Ph's 100 ultimate women campaign launched last October? I got hooked to the flashy and incredible talented Filipina women including Pia Wurtzbach they featured on the brand's Instagram account. Each of them did a giveaway and so I joined. I know I will have less chances if  I join the accounts with millions of followers like Pia so I chose another one who is Yanee Alvarez via this Instagram handle. Based on her IG feed, she's a modern mom who has a beautiful family. This do not mean that she’s less than the rest of Cream Silk ambassadors, it’s just that she has her own kind of audience that this hair brand is targeting. I also do influencer hunting for foreign brands, this is a good strategy for tapping all kinds - micro, nano and the megainfluencers. All of them were given same question which is asking the participants what is the ultimate thing in their life that showed empowerment or brought out the best in them for a chance to get  an “ultimate beauty experience".


Here's my winning answer/comment to her "Thirty four, legally single and no kids. Somehow I pinch myself how time flies so fast that I feel like I’m so behind in life and love. I had my first boyfriend at 33 and went abroad when I was 28. The reality of I’m not getting any younger anymore just sunk in recently. I’ve been in denial that things are always alright. Fast forward to now, 6 months before my 35th I learned to embrace the “me” without comparing myself to others. I think and talk like I’m my own’s greatest self. Will I feel little less if I don’t have kids? Definitely no but I’m opening my doors for any chance that I reach the ultimate of my dreams. #Thisismyultimate #100ultimatewomen"

To make the story short, I won. I was contacted through a direct message from Bridges PR company giving me some details of this "ultimate beauty experience". During the contest proper, they did not tell what salon or what kind of beauty experience they're going to give. I was expecting so much because of the word "ultimate" honestly. I checked out the voucher and it says a hair styling treat from Blo Blo Bar Rockwell that's valid until December 31, 2018 only.

After a few phone calls, I finally took a cab to Rockwell Makati. Blo Blo Bar is located at the basement of Rockwell Makati but it is not hard to find. I was lucky there's no big crowd - no need to wait. I approached one staff saying that I have a reservation at 1 pm for my free hairstyling package courtesy of Cream Silk Ph. They just asked for my name and that's it. I was expecting they're going to ask for a valid ID as advised by Bridges PR but no they did not. They called this guy who asked me to sit on a chair attached to a sink where he applied Cream Silk product on my hair. He does not interact with me nor I feel that he wants to chat with me so I feel so awkward asking questions. I was really curious if he applied a shampoo or conditioner to me and what kind of Cream Silk variant is that. I assume it is already the Cream Silk Triple Keratin. I did attempted to ask but I got confused of his answer since I do not see his willingness to talk to me. 

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His being quiet all the time though was not at all bad.  During the 30-minute shampooing, I can feel that he really massaged my scalp so fine and he made sure his doing things right. After that, he asked me to sit on a chair that's exclusive to winners of Cream Silk Ph's 100 ultimate women campaign. He asked me what type of hairstyle I want so I asked to see the list of hair services they offer.

I am going to see my boyfriend by 8pm so  I wanted to look great for our dinner date. They have 7 hairstyles:Executive Sweet (skyscraper straight), Holy Would (inner femme with penty of curls and bounce), Go Fish (It girl) , High Society (reminds me of Imelda Marcos - modern version) , Red Carpet (classic blo out), Hunt Club (perfect pony) and Pillow  Talk (soultry, tousled and bed head). I chose the Pillow Talk because I feel I am at my sexiest with this hairstyle because again, for my dinner date with my boyfriend.

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blo blo bar rockwell makati blog review

The next thing he did is he dried my hair using hair dryer of course then curled my hair. The hairstyling service of Blo Blo Bar Rockwell only took an hour at most. To be honest, I like how I looked. If I can have this hairstyle every day, I will be very happy! I love to give a tip to workers who did a great job but with him, I was thinking twice because I feel that even though he did a great job, there were no connection between the two us. I would also love to be hairstyled by him the next time though.

However, looking back at the promise of Cream Silk Ph of an "ultimate beauty experience", I think this is not. This treat is only for my hair which I understand since Cream Silk Ph's products are all about taking care of our crowning glory. They could have rephrased the campaign as "hair styling treat" or "hair styling makeover". 

Will I go back to Blo Blo Bar at my own expense to have my hair styled in case I need to?  Yes, definitely :) Will I use Cream Silk products? Yes, I just bought one bottle of shampoo and conditioner because I love the scent on my hair! 

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Blo Blo Bar Rockwell Facebook fan page:
Blo Blo Bar Rockwell website: 
Blo Blo Bar Rockwell address: Stall #019 P1 Level, Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati city
Blo Blo Bar Rockwell contact numbers: 632 808 6322 +63 917 6-blodry (256379)
Blo Blo Bar Rockwell hours of operation: Monday to Thursday: 11am to 9pm, Friday: 11am to 10pm, Saturday: 10am to 10pm & Sunday: 10am to 9pm

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