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Zen Institute's 13th Year Celebration: Empowering Filipinas To Take Care of their Outer Beauty

If there's one thing I regret not doing at a very young age, it is about taking care of my physical attributes. Now two months to turning 35, I feel like a baby trying to take my very first steps to the road of staying young and looking beautiful. That's why even though my blog focuses on travel, I am slowly embracing the reality that I need to keep up with the changing world. As a woman in her thirties, I need to start investing on my looks and overall wellness. Despite my busy schedule, I want to squeeze in quality events of well-respected beauty companies such as Zen Institute. However, one of my valued clients scheduled a very important task that prevented me to join the 13th celebration of Zen Institute. I was so sad because my pastel dress is ready but who am I to say no a client that pays my time? Good thing, my sister who is my official representative to every event came to the rescue. 

Binondo is a place I do not frequent to be honest because it is out of the way for me. The Zen Institute's celebration is one of a kind for me so I made an exception to my rule. My sister who joined the event said she had fun knowing other beautiful ladies. As much as she wants to try those free pampering activities, the event started so late so she decided to leave earlier to save herself from the hellish traffic.


Introduction to Zen Institute
Zen Institute is a medical spa that offers non-invasive treatments, meaning procedures that are not bloody in nature or painful for the human body. For those who are looking for urban retreat, Zen Institute has all the relaxing facilities, detoxification and pampering packages we all need in one way or another. 

The Zen Institute 13th anniversary event binondo

Why take care of our beauty and preserve our young self?
Honestly, for the longest time I have been in denial about why I have to put extra efforts and if needed shell out money to look younger. For me, it was being hypocrite but now I think of it as part of loving myself. I used to think, I want to look the exact age as I am but for some reasons goals change, choices differ.

The Zen Institute - 13th Anniversary Blog Review

My sister shared so much about what she learned about this event starting from the founder of Zen Institute, Dr. MJ Torres. She shared her journey back in 1999 when she was 84 pounds. She wants to gain more weight - a goal of muscle over fat. She is now in her 50's but she looks way younger and prettier. She wants to take part in someone's body improvement in terms of delaying the aging process. She has tried every single beauty procedure she offers in her clinic. She wants to make sure that all of these Zen institute packages were tested and proved effective.

the zen institute BGC blog review

The best part of the event is Dr. MJ herself sharing her essentials to slow aging. Here's a list of what my sister has remembered.
  • Cleanse your skin before and after sleeping to remove impurities
  • Always put a toner to your skin. If you have normal to oily skin, choose the alcohol base. If you have dry skin, choose water base.
  • After putting on toner, you need to moisturize your skin too. If you have normal to oil type of skin, choose the oil base. If you have dry skin, choose water base.


Stress is one of the major causes of fast aging. We need to laugh often, take matters very lightly and manage our emotions.  To achieve a healthy lifestyle, we need to do these three: eat healthy (fruits and vegetables), exercise and sleep properly.  Life is short as they say. Every second counts.  

zen institute binondo branch

Consulting professionals about any of your skin and body concerns is the best thing you can do for yourself. You are in good hands in Zen Institute. For 2019, Zen Institute will open their 5th branch in Tagaytay to promote "wellness tourism". An online store is also coming to sell their zen products. 

the zen institute quezon city branch

New Treatments and Packages to avail                             

To fellow thirty-something ladies, they have newly-formulated procedures that will surely 
bring out the best in us: HappyLift (non-surgical facelift that utlizes Italian mediums that can last up to 1 year and a half) and HiFu (non-invasive, facial and body contouring procedure that requires no downtime). These Zen Institute beauty packages should be availed 3 to 6 times to gain maximum results. 

the zen institute bgc taguig address

There are a lot more valuable Zen Institute beauty packages. Check these out:
  • Weight management
  • Zen Balanze
  • Zen Cleanze
  • Regenerative cell therapy

This 2019, I am spending less on travel definitely. I will be investing more on my beauty (inside and out). Thanks Zen Institute for giving me some wisdom on how to take care of my own.  I cannot wait to try Zen Institute's Glutathione, Vitamin C and Placenta Injection to reduce the appearance of my age spots. I already have wrinkles since I was 20 that's why I am working hard to be able to afford Zen Institute's Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Plasmalon.

Zen Institute has branches in Binondo, BGC, Quezon City and Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Please make sure you chose the right branch because the list of treatments they offer vary  per location.

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