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Where to get laser teeth whitening treatment in BGC: Check out LeClinique Esthetiques in Sapphire Residences

I always dreamt of having a set of pearly-white teeth like my favorite celebrities! That's why when Metrodeal flashed a laser teeth whitening package that's 93% off, I bought it without thinking twice! There are currently two dental clinics offering teeth whitening promo - one of it is located in BGC which is only a jeep away from where I stay. The deal is a steal! Imagine from the original cost of Php 25, 000 it was sold only for Php 1, 699. I bought this last July, was so busy that it took me months before I actually availed the service.

I even forgot about it already! Good thing while I was checking all my gift certificates and vouchers I was reminded that it is going to expire before December 22. Vouchers bought via Metrodeal follow a strict rule.  You cannot just walk to the merchant and say you paid this and that without showing the E-voucher code and booking in advance. With LeClinique Esthetiques in BGC, I had no problem contacting them via mobile phone and landline.  I even had to cancel my first schedule since I have a small canker sore (singaw) that day. I was told it is not a big deal and that the laser teeth whitening can still be done but I chose to find another time.

The safest time for me is 1 pm which is after I had my lunch. I took a taxi from Guadalupe where I stay to Sapphire Residences in BGC. I am lucky I don't have to wait - it is only me and a woman who is also looking forward for her dental appointment. 

le clinique esthetique bgc
The dental room with  streetview

Minutes before the actual laser teeth whitening treatment 
The lady whom I think is the assistant of the dentist handed me a laminated paper stating the terms and conditions of this package. This is a disclaimer notice that the dental clinic is not held liable of any untoward consequences that can happen specially if the desired kind of white has not been reached. The effects of this laser whitening treatment vary per person. 

I should write my signature there so that in case I complain for a job not well done after, they can appeal however, as I have said it is a laminated paper. The lady was waiting for my verbal confirmation that I understood it and if I have no questions we proceed to the treatment.

laser whitening teeth package in bgc
I hate to show this photo!

The actual procedure
I was escorted to the actual room where there are two full-fledged dental chairs. I was asked to lie down to one of those comfortably because the treatment is one hour. I should not be moving a lot because the laser will focus on my open mouth. The dentist quickly checked my teeth. She said I have some white spots on my front upper middle teeth. She said this whitening laser treatment may not be able to remove these. She just want to set the right expectations because she has one guest whom she failed to remind. After the session, that person wasn't satisfied because she was hoping that this teeth whitening package will be the alpha and omega of a celebrity smile.  Kaloka, di ba?

The next thing I knew, the lady put a plastic-type blindfold that is shaped like a pair of googles to cover my eyes while the laser treatment is done. She also put a thing that looks like a one whole denture that would push my mouth like I am forever smiling. It shows all my teeth and oh my, I don't want to have a photo taken with that on my mouth but yes I did to share to you what happened.

For the past one hour or so, I remained calm and was trying to bite this piece of cotton on the left side of my mouth. The lady said if I don't bite it, my mouth will open bigger. There will be more gap - the laser will hit it rather than my teeth.  Biting this small piece of cotton which slowly shrinks because it became damp with my saliva for one hour is tiring. Though there's this hose that sucks my saliva, I still feel I am not in 100%  I However, it is not so bad. It's not pain that's rather worse but you just need to keep your upper and lower jaw touch each other.  She also gave me a short wand with bells. If in case I feel any pain or discomfort since I cannot talk, I just shake it. They will come to the rescue when they hear the ring.

I regret not having a photo of me while the laser treatment is done. I honestly have no idea because I am blindfolded all throughout the procedure. I want to know where is the laser coming from or what kind of device do they use for that. I was too shy to ask the lady to take a picture because this is once and for all - not sponsored. 

teeth whitening package dental clinic  bgc
1st pic (Taken after I left the clinic) | 2nd pic (Shake if you feel pain so that they'll help you)

The output
After an hour, it was done. The lady asked me to gurgle a type of liquid that tastes like a mouthwash and toothpaste combined.  I looked at my teeth from the mirror, yes I can say it became whiter. I wish though I have a photo of the before and after right at the dentist's chair. The entire dental clinic is a bit dark actually. I have to go outside to take a clearer and nice photo to show you my newly treated teeth.

Any discomforts after the treatment?
Yes, there's a tingling sensation you'll feel. There's a bit of pain but it's not so intense at all. 

Do's and don'ts after the laser whitening treatment
Here's the most painful part. Letting go of the usual drinks or food for the next two weeks as advised by the dentist. She said avoid drinks that have colors like coffee and tea. Any food that is covered with heavy coloring is also no-no. Even mouthwash and toothpaste that have colors other than white are not recommended.

Here's the trouble. I drink coffee every day! A hot cup of caffeine-infused drink warms me up and sets my mood to be productive. As much as I want these pearly whites to stay, it only took me a day of no coffee then back to normal. I also simultaneously drink an herbal tea all throughout the day.  To you who are reading this, do not follow what I did. Follow the dentist :) 
This laser teeth whitening session with Le Clinique Dental and Medical Esthetiques is my own expense. I am not knowledgeable in any way when it comes to dentistry and tooth science. I am only sharing the experience from this dental clinic. Please decide at your own discretion if you want to avail the service. 

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