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David Guison’s Free Dinner with Peatix Events App and Beringer Vineyards

David Guison’s Free Dinner with Peatix Events App and Beringer Vineyards

It was through David Guison’s Winderlust: A Travel Planning Dinner Hosted by Beringer Vineyards I learned about the app called Peatix. It’s the AirBnb of events in different countries. While I was not able to join the event because or work conflict, I was so happy to see my two sisters joining a talk about Indonesia. Three years ago, I went on a media trip here spending a total of 15 days. From Bandung to Jakarta to Borobudor and finally to Bali, I will never say no to a trip to this famous Southeast Asian destination. 

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I had to push my sisters many times to join this travel talk for them to be enlightened to the world of travelling. I mean they’re not the types of girls who are used to going out for free dinners and talks about trips. Good thing Nono's restaurant at The Podium which is the official event is just a bus away, they agreed even it is going to happen on peak hours which is from 6pm - 9pm.

nono's restaurant the podium

They are not wine enthusiasts but they loved the Beringer Vineyard wines. They were served a few glasses of chilled bottles of red and white wine that's why they went home with blushing cheeks. First time, eh! Nono's restaurant surprised me because I thought they only serve Filipino comfort food but wow,  I felt quite envy why I missed this opportunity of tasting their food. My sister said they were served oriental shrimp salad, roasted beef belly, carbonara pasta, homemade fried chicken and strawberry cake.

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As always, David shared the gorgeous and expected Instagrammable photos of his many trips to Indonesia to a group of 30 persons spread out in 5-6 tables. He even shared one instance when he was robbed - all of his belongings including his laptop, camera, phone and money were taken. What he can advise during this situation is just let go of your material things than get hurt or get killed. Our life is only once - all the physical belongings that could be taken away from us can be totally replaced.

david guison travel talk free dinner

The Peatix App

The Peatix app is simply an Airbnb for events. It is just finding its way to Manila slowly so there's not a lot of events to choose from. The list of cities that are on this app says it has presence at Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Sendai and Kuala Lumpur. Manila is not listed officially but for some reasons I was able to find events here in this city.

List of event categories you'll find on this app
  • Music
  • Dating/Singles
  • Family/Kids
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Film/Media
  • Food/Drink
  • Meetups/Community Events
  • Parties/Nightlife
  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Science/Technology
  • Seminars/Talks
  • Sports/Wellness
  • Startup/Entrepreneurship
  • Theatre/Dance

I know finding events could be overwhelming via Peatix app that's why they made it all easy for everyone by using the Filter function. You can search an event by the following category:

By Date

  • All dates
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • This week
  • This weekend
  • Later 
By Category
  • All
  • Free
  • Startups/Tech
  • Arts
  • Parties
  • Community

What I super like about the Peatix app is that it gives automatic notifications when the event is near. If I am not mistaken it is 2 hours before the happening. My memory is so bad so this one is a big help. Also, should you realize you can't go, there's a feature that you can transfer your ticket to another person provided he/she should download the Peatix app. Here in the Philippines, the one that's widely used is Eventbrite. I'm yet to try which one works the best. 

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