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The Top 3 Adventure Sports In Canada

Canada is one of the most fantastic places that you can visit. The country has a lot to offer for adventure. Planning a trip to Canada or any other part of the world is a bit hectic, especially if you must pick the most thrilling places to visit. There are adventurous sports that you can enjoy in Canada. You can explore water sports as well as sky sports. There are places that you can engage in games without a hassle. In Ontario, there are tons of adventurous activities that will kick your adrenaline to the roof. You can also try other areas like Toronto, Churchill, and Whistler for exciting events. Here are the top three adventurous sports in Canada for a total adrenaline rush.

1) Ontario Muskie Fishing
You can opt for a fishing trip in Ontario. A Muskie fish is a giant monster fish. You will need a special kind of fishing rod that can hold the fish. Many fishing enthusiasts enjoy the Muskie fish experience in Ontario. The fish is known to fight back, and it fights hard. The thrill of catching such a challenging fish excites most tourists who come to Muskie fish in the Canyon Lake. Some people are lucky enough to catch Muskie while looking for Walleye and smallmouth bass. You have to be ready with a Muskie reel that will be able to hold the fish. You can fish from June to October in North Western Ontario. If you are yet to settle for the best Muskie reel to buy, read through some credible reviews on and compare the best prices and quality variations in the market.

2) Skydiving
Skydiving is one of the most daring sports in the world. Canada is hailed for highly skilled instructors and professionals who are there to make sure that you enjoy the dive. You can try skydiving in Edmonton when you visit Canada. You can enjoy one of the highest dives in Western Canada. There are beautiful views to enjoy in the city of Edmonton. Skydiving is the ultimate experience as the instructors are there to guide you each step of the way. You will enjoy so much. You can skydive between April and October every year.

3) Kayak With Beluga Whales
You can Kayak with Beluga whales in Churchill. The whales are friendly, and they come close to the kayak. Kayaking in itself is fun, but with a whale, it makes a legendary experience. The whales are so close that you can take beautiful photos. The boat ride is quite fun. You are up close to the whales in their habitat which makes it simple to interact with the whales. People of any ages can enjoy whale kayaking. The sport is only allowed near the shore to ensure safety. There are supervising professionals in case there is an emergency or a safety concern. If you would like experience the whale magic, this is the place to explore.

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