The 2016 Holi Festival of Colors in Manila - Blog Review

I have never seen an international cultural event here in Manila that as authentic as the Holi Festival 2016. For someone who have joined quite a number of celebrations promoting their country's culture, I would say the Asia Society Philippines and Embassy of India really did a great job for organizing a festival to everyone.

It doesn't matter what is your religion, gender, nationality, age et cetera. In Holi Festival all is welcome to celebrate the arrival of spring. After all, who wouldn't want to be part of the happiest and the most colorful festival of Hindus?

While the Christians commemorate the Palm Sunday last March 19th, the Hindus here in Manila joined hands to be part of this festivity. I was totally amazed knowing that the Indian community in the Philippines is really large. As a matter of fact, almost half of the crowd are Indian locals. It was there that I also realized that Indians like Filipinos have different skin colors too: white, brown, the usual Indian black and the Afro American black.

Prior to joining, I worry I may not enjoy the Holi Festival in Manila since I am a Catholic and that this is an event for Hindus. It turned out that this is actually a celebration of love and colors. I loved watching the Bollywood dance presented by young Indian girls, tasted some Indian street food like the samosa and tandoori chicken plus the beautiful Henna tattoos.

The one that I enjoyed the most is during the countdown when the crowd shouts "Holi Hey" and at the same time throw colored powder in the air. I couldn't explain it but there is a very refreshing feeling and a dose of positive energy is spread out while people shout and dance. There were no strangers in the crowd, everyone tries to talk to each other and put on more colored powder in the face, hands and on the clothes.

The 2016 Holi Festival in Manila is brought to you by Asia Society Philippines This group was established to help promote a deeper understanding of Asia among Filipinos. Another one is to help people from other nations to appreciate the Philippines as an integral part of the Asian continent.

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