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Corregidor Day Tour Itinerary Guide with Sun Cruises

Corregidor Island, Cavite City, Philippines
corregidor day tour package

The idea of going to Corregidor Island in the borders of Cavite and Bataan is already in my bucket list for a historical & adventure getaway. However due to it's   just a few hours away from Manila, I'm often drawn to rather go to much farther provinces in Visayas and Mindanao. Last January, a blog reader from London I met, went there. That is the point I became more curious of what is there to see. The stars may have aligned perfectly since my blogger friends are also planning the same!I wasn't involved in any of the planning prior to the trip which I was so thankful since I am very busy and it was done Saturday, my day off from work.

Travel guide to corregidor bataan

There is only one ferry company operating Corregidor tour packages in Manila, it's the Sun Cruises. We had to go to the Esplanade Seaside Terminal near SM MOA Complex as early as 7am. Before boarding, we paid Php 30 for the terminal free. The ferry is quite big for a group of more than a hundred passengers. It is divided into two parts - the upper and lower deck. It only took us about an hour or so to reach Corregidor. To be honest, I didn't expect the beauty of the island and the surrounding beaches. I have a feeling it wouldn't be that nice since it is near the polluted Manila bay.

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I have been to the other part of Bataan last December in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and spent half - day island hopping. It didn't made quite a good impression to me at all but here in Corregidor, the water is more bluish. Corregidor is a tadpole shaped island. It was named that way with the same meaning of the Spanish words "to correct". During Spanish occupation, ships containing documents for correction are sent in Corregidor.

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Upon arrival at the port, there were beautiful tram busses waiting for us that we're going to use all throughout the Corregidor island day tour. I knew heritage tours could be very boring, trust me. I have been to a lot. Sun Cruises made a good choice to have Armando as our tour guide. He is funny and delivers the historical details with wit. We laughed and the fact that he has been doing this job for almost 22 years if I heard it right, is amazing. I am definitely recommending him to anyone who has short attention spans like me.

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We watched a light show inside and paid an extra hundred peso. Setting aside the historical significance, I don't see why we had to pay this much. It was eerie and I felt a bit different inside. We only watched a narration of history of this place mixed with simple lighting and explosives, that's it. 

corregidor tour itinerary

 Places to see in Corregidor

Top side - Long Barracks, Cine Corregidor, Pacific War Memorial Dome & Eternal Flame of Freedom
Tail End - Filipino Heroes Memorial, Pres. Manuel Quezon Park, Pres. Sergio Osmena Park & Japanese Garden of Peace
Middle side - Filipino American Friendship Park, San Jose Chapel & Corregidor Hotel
Bottom side - Gen. Mc Arthur Park, San Jose Chapel & Corregidor  Hotel

malinta tunner corregidor bataan

Malinta Tunnel - a dark long tunnel that functioned as a base and hospital. Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur and Pres. Manuel Quezon both his here. It is said that there are a thousand beds occupied by t
he patients here but we weren't able to see it. There is also a part here exclusive for women doctors and nurses who made sure they lock it after work, to avoid themselves being raped.

Suggested Corregidor Day Tour Itinerary with Sun Cruises
Check in at the terminal 7am
Boarding 730am
Estimated time of departure Manila 8am
Estimated time of arrival Corregidor 915am
Guided Tour 
Lunch at 12nn
Guided Tour
Estimated time of departure Corregidor  230pm
Estimated time of arrival Manila 345pm

Corregidor is an island of fortress. It is here where thousands got killed - Filipinos, Americans and Japanese during World War II. Nowadays, it is made of stunning ruins of barracks, buildings and shelters that will forever remind us of so many lives that ended here. I read from another Corregidor island tour blog review, that the writer wants to reconstruct these into exact copies of what they looked like before. I beg to disagree, I see beauty from these ruins. Every piece of these rusty, dilapidated buildings tell a story exactly of what they have become after the war.

At noon, we had to go to the Corregidor Hotel where the buffet lunch is served. Loved the food. It has a lot of choices. You don't get to eat your meal in a veranda that offers a majestic view of lush trees, a seashore and nearby islands. I wished we should have stayed a little longer there.

sun cruises corregidor bataan

At the end of the trip, I feel thankful that I wasn't born during World War. At the same time, I offer utmost respect and admiration to those who fought and died for the sake of their country not only to fellow Filipinos but also to Japanese and Americans.

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I cannot enumerate every sad story that Armando told us that day. It is too depressing to share anyway.  The whole Corregidor island is owned by the government. No one lives there, only employees that help maintain the cleanliness of the island. It may not be suitable to be a dwelling place because they believe that there are a lot of explosives that aren't found yet.

corregidor island bataan

Since Corregidor Island is literally a graveyard, special mention to thousands of Japanese soldiers who blew themselves to death, it could be really frightening to live here especially to those who have third eyes. That is why though Sun Cruise has an overnight package trip for Corregidor, I am all good to just do a whole day tour there.

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This trip is made possible with the help of Sir Mark Lapid with the assistance from Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority.

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Note: We paid a discounted rate for Php 1k instead of Php 2,300 as a blogger participant. As always, all opinions are mine. 

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