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2D DIY Solo Itinerary to Kalanggaman Island Tour in Leyte From Bogo, Cebu

Kalanggaman beach
Kalanggaman beach. Photo credit to Jon Sombito

There's a "newly - discovered" beach that is making all netizens go gaga these past few weeks. Its beauty can be compared to the islands of Caramoan, El Nido and Guimaras  I have ever seen myself personally.  I mean who wouldn't be: white powdery sand, sandbar and heavenly bluish water!

It is just so timing while I am scouring for details on how to get there as I plan to see this after my trip to HK this April, I found a DIY itinerary of how to get to Kalanggaman island from Jon Sombito.  Not only did he blew me away with his pictures, he went there solo!  I was reading a few Kalanggaman island blog review or how much is a normal rate for a Kalanggaman tour package, all of them says it is quite difficult to get there alone and expensive! Imagine my relief when I read his post.

Capitancillo Island cebu
Capitancillo Island. Photo credit to Jon Sombito
   Itinerary to Kalanggaman Island from Bogo, Cebu with side trip to Capitancillo, Islet


From Mactan Airport  you can take a taxi to reach North Bus Terminal or a bus to SM City Cebu which costs Php 25. Then from SM City Cebu it only takes a five - minute walk to North Bus Terminal.  You have to find a Bogo - bound bus for (Php 120 non - aircon, Php 135 aircon. Travel time is 3 hrs.

kalanggaman island and sandbar
Kalanggaman sandbar. Photo credit to Jon Sombito


Take a tricycle to Brgy. Siocon, this is the jump off point going to Kalanggaman island. Note, in the morning when there's not much of passengers if you travel alone you will need to rent the whole trip privately for for Php 100. 

The estimate travel duration from here is 45 minutes. He left 7:30 am  then arrived 8:15 am. Swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving,  aqua - biking and of course overnight camping are the best things you can do while in Kalanggaman island.

Additional note on  travel time from Bogo - Kalanggaman. It took him only a quarter of an hour since he rode in a small boat that can fit only 1-3 passengers. If you are going there in a group, you will need to take a bigger boat which would take about 2 hours to reach the island.

kalanggaman island cebu
Jon's selfie
By 2 pm he went to Capitancillo Islet.  It is a small uninhabited island  that doesn't permit anyone to spend a night there nor you'll find an accommodation inside here. I will tell you a bit of Capitancillo Islet's history. It is said that it was named after Captain Basillo, a captain of a certain Spanish trading vessel. According to Wikipedia, Captain Basillo insulted a local datu, named Bugtopasan. He then cursed Captain Basillo and put a spell on him, transforming the Captain's galleon into the island.

Capitancillo Islet cebu
Capitancillo Islet. Photo credit to Jon Sombito

The lighthouse in Capitancillo Islet belongs to the Faros EspaƱoles de Ultramar as one of earliest 27 major lighthouses of the Philippines. It was built in 1905, with the current white steel tower dating from the 1950s. The tower is 83 feet (25 m) high and flashes three white lights every ten seconds. 

There is a docking fee of Php 300 in Capitancillo Islet but since he was alone, he wasn't charged. Lucky guy! 

Kalanggaman contact for boat - rental and overnight camping

Tatay Tony at 09073883283

He said to please be patient in contacting Tatay Tony because the cellular signal in this area isn't strong so there may be a delay of response. A day tour to Kalanggaman for one person is Php 1, 500 - 2, 000. For 4 persons, it is Php 3, 000. Please ask him for the most accurate rent of overnight tour package in Kalanggaman. To those who are hygiene - freak, there are toilet and shower rooms in the island. It is advised to bring your own camping tools because there nothing much for rent items there.  

Kalanggaman out of the island accommodation 

4D Pension House which is very near in the wet market and bus terminal. Rate is Php 500 per night, good for 2 with own comfort room and and a cable TV. Tatay Tony can also arrange for an island overnight camping, please don't forget. 

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I would like to express a huge thank you to Jon Sombito, for sharing his photos and his sample itinerary to Kalanggaman Island. Not only but there's a lot right now who may be googling about how to get here, I am sure this will definitely help. Photos are all credited to him.


  1. Nice! That looks a nice paradise. That would be fun if you travel on a group. Thanks for sharing!

  2. yeah it looks like a paradise to me :) i really hope to see this while it is not very touristy :)

  3. We'll be travelling to Cebu on April 29 & I've been looking for a transportatio. From Bogo city to Kalanggaman then from Kalanggaman to Mactan. I'm not sure if that's possible but I've been seeing posts that Palompon City Gov't are now restricting pump boats from bogo and mactan going to Kalanggaman island. Would you have any suggestion on how to go to Kalanggaman? (We'll come from Hagnaya port - Kalanggaman -Mactan) hoping to do all this in 1 day.

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  4. Hi po! Will be there on January 8. Any joiners? Dunno if I'll make it on January 8 since mejo late na dating ng flight ko so I might go to Bantayan first

    1. Jan 11 - 13 mam? Joiner din ako... pra mka tipid sa boat... 09991806658

    2. Hi Shammy! We also went to kalanggaman then bantayan island. YOu can check my blog for more details :)

  5. sino pupunta kalanggaman island via cebu ... either January 11, 12, 13 kahit anong date sa 3 yan avail ako... pra tipid sa boat hehehe...


  6. We're traveling now to kalanggaman via cebu. We're headed to bogo now.. jan.31,2017.. any contact numbers of pumpboat going to kalanggaman becAuse I just contacted mr Tony his boat is under repair.. any other pumpboat contact numbers at siocon area bogo city?

  7. Anyone going to kalangaman via BOGO on APril 2, 2017? Lets share a boat.. pls contact me @ 09334249477

  8. Kalanggaman via Cebu for only 1500/pax (Joined Tours)
    For Group Tours availability:
    Malapascua Island Hopping 350/pax
    Contact Emil- 09152653631/ Shandra – 09956229201