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3 Pinoy Backpackers to Reach 81 Philippine Provinces & Bring Solar Lights to Needy Communities in 6 Month

I've only been to 30+ provinces of the Philippines. It's my dream to visit all of the 81 as well. I know this idea is as far as the horizon so I wholeheartedly support anyone doing the same mission. Like The Baconeers, a group of 3 young professionals who aims to visit all the provinces and the same time bring solar lights to remote places that has access no or less access to electricity. I know a handful of fellow Pinoy travelers and travel bloggers who have done the same but this is the first time that I heard of not just to promote the tourism of the country. They will certainly create a positive impact.

Riding in a 45 - year old and refurbished Volkswagen Kombi they named as Cupcake, the Baconeers will work with different TESDA centers to teach them how to create their own bottle of solar lights and impart them the usefulness of this in the environment compared to using the harmful gas. A total of 5, 000 bottle of lights with a life span of 5 years will be given away.Dubbed as the Philippine Road Trip, they plan to finish this in 6 - 8 months though they say that they don't have a fixed plan or itinerary yet. They will for sure go back to Manila to attend other commitments.

These young Filipino travelers are composed of Paul Quiambao, Alfie Agunoy and Francis Sta Romana. I was able to chitchat personally with Alfie during the official launching of The Baconeers last March 19 culminating the Earth Hour celebration. Alfie said it was his idea to start this trip. He is fellow backpacker too so I can totally relate the sparks of enthusiasm in his eyes while he talk. He said it was his 10 - day trip to Mindoro that inspired him and made him pop a question to himself : " If he can reach the whole Mindoro province, why not the whole Philippines?

Another one, is that he also met foreign backpackers who are on the road for months. I tell you, a normal Filipino backpacker can only last a few days to a week usually because of limited money. He said he was also totally amazed at the idea. If these international travellers are able to spend months in ourxown country, then how much more him who lives here? Though this may seem a great idea, he said this is going to be tough. Financially they need help. The Baconeers are quite lucky the fact that they were able to find sponsors to help them with the promotion and expenses all throughout the trip like Kawasaki, Light Room and Columbian jackets.

To those who wanted to do the same thing, Alfie said it isn't easy to find reputable brands that are willing to provide support through their products. They even encountered one that was so demanding that they just have to move on and find another company that can genuinely help them.

Illac Diaz is one of the most prominent personality among the sponsors. He is the founder of the Liter of Light foundation with presence worldwide. He is totally supportive of the group's endeavor and that he also believes through this trip, more needy families are able to live conveniently especially children who need to study at night.Their first trip is in Ilocos to do skydiving. I wish them a safe trip and more bottle of lights to share. 

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  1. Travelling for a cause. This is so awesome. I'm glad they've managed to find sponsors who will help them out with their cause.

    I also love travelling for work. And since I work for an NGO, the travelling wouldn't be the luxurious type. It would be visiting our beneficiaries, meeting our communities, and checking how our scholars are doing. It's always a fun and exciting experience. :)


  2. it really is. i hope i will be given a chance to visit the 81 provinces too soon or if not SE asia :)