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Get Paid To Drink Beer And Travel The World Courtesy of

World of Beer, a Tampa - based tavern chain known for its craft beers is looking for 3 people to travel the world and drink beer. The job officially called as Drink It Intern. 

These interns apart from the task of beer drinking will write blog and social media posts, travel to breweries and beer festivals around the world and make videos about beer.  

Successful applicants should be outgoing, friendly, eager to share and lovers of beer — AKA anybody after a few pints. It wasn't mentioned for how long the assignment will be so please feel free to get in touch with them. All you need to do is record a 1 - minute video. 

Aside from it's a free trip, the pay is $12,000. You just need to be 21 or above. 

Deadline is March 26th. For more information, please click World of Beer's official website here.

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