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DIY Itinerary to Fortune Island in Batangas and Day Tour Package: The Little Santorini of the Philippines

Fortune island batangas
Photo credit to Moon Tan

This photo you see above is an iconic place in Santorini, Greece. I have seen so much of these online and I find it one of the most photogenic places in my opinion. Like most Filipinos,  going to Santorini, Greece is not something that an ordinary person in this country can afford. However, there is a good news: in Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas you can have a glimpse of Greece exactly like this one you see.

Since summer is coming, I can really feel the heat that tells me I need to head somewhere I quickly googled about how much is a Fortune Island tour package.  I want to know if there is other interesting things to do while inside the premises of Fortune Island  Resort Club Inc.

I found one, per person it only costs Php 1, 600 meaning a Fortune island Batangas budget is definitely way affordable than booking your way to Greece! Aside from the very obvious reason of photo ops here I learned that you can do cliff diving, snorkeling and of course since this is an island - swimming.   

The best news for solo travelers is that they welcome solo  joiners. Usually what makes solo backpackers go solo isn't actually not to socialize but more often, tour packages are designed by two. This one is definitely not :)

Fortune Island Nasugbu history

It is said that there is a luxury resort used to operate here but suddenly it was abandoned for some reasons. Some says it is because there's a lack of supply of potable water that is one of the most crucial part in operating an business about accommodation. The waters that surround the island are strong that according to local maritime records, there were 3  ships that got destroyed near here that killed people. The first one is the San Diego galleon in 1600's. The last two are MV Kimelody Cristy killing 17 persons in 1995  and MV Princess of the Orient that killed 70 people. There's even a few stories you will hear about ghosts lurking in Fortune Island!

I will be posting the detailed Fortune island itinerary and expenses soon courtesy of a  travel agency / tour operator that offers this package so please watch out. Actually since the looks of Fortune island Little Santorini seems to be more of romantic, I do see a lot of searching about a Fortune island tour package for 2. That is the one I am going to check further. To my fellow solo backpackers, this is definitely a good place to see that is just a few hours from Manila.  

If you want to join a tour package for Fortune Island, send me a message. I will connect you to them. 

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  1. Hi there, may I know more about the Fortune Island day tour package that you joined before? And the contact of the agency. Thanks

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