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Looking for a backpacker hostel in Manila? Stay at Z Hostel Makati

Z Hostel RFID card

 I've stayed in a lot of backpacker hostels all throughout my solo backpacking trips. The most memorable ones are in Singapore, Malaysia and I really made sure I stay in a hostel when I go to Hongkong & Macau next week. To top it all off, I work remotely for a chain of backpacker hostels I have personally visited last year in Cambodia. Around the country, I have been to a few in Palawan, Legazpi and Zambales. Here in Manila, I knew a number of but haven't tried any of these.

Z Hostel lobby
 Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to visit Z Hostel in Makati. Honestly I have been longing to stay here because I heard this is quite famous to backpackers visiting Manila or in transit to another local destination. Plus, I have joined meetups held in the rooftop so my curiosity is getting bigger of what it's like to spend a night here.

The check in time is 2pm but I finished my work before going there so I made it at around 6pm. Z Hostel is located in Makati, a premier business district. It is also just a few blocks away from the area called Red Light district. If you are a bar - hopping expat, this is your perfect spot. The lobby is wide and bright. I was able to check in very fast. For someone who lives and works online, my first question I always ask to the receptionist is not to know where is my dorm bed. It is actually, if they got a free WiFi. In Z Hostel, it was freaking fast! If I knew this beforehand, I would have brought my laptop as early as 2pm to do my stuff here. They even have 2 computers that can be used by guests for free to go online.

Bike, books & computer 

Of all the hostels I have stayed, this is the first time I have encountered using an RFID. It's a device that looks like a watch where there is a chip implanted. Upon checking in, you have the option to wear it around your wrist then load it for how much you can since they follow cashless transaction. When you buy a meal in their cafe or a beer at the bar, this RFID is swiped to a tablet that automatically deducts the amount you purchased from your balance.

Outside Z Hostel

Z Hostel has only 7 floors but I like the fact that they got stairs and elevator. I don't mind using the stairs though but to those who want to get to their room faster, there is even a security personnel stationed in front of the lift to assist you. I would say Z Hostel is really leading, they use keycards instead of keys. When I got inside the 4 capacity dorm room, I met Rachel. She is  half - Aussie and half Filipina. We chatted for sometime and really had fun sharing each others whereabouts for the past year. This is what I like about staying in backpacker hostels, I get to meet fellow travelers.

I intentionally stayed a little longer because it was so cool inside. All rooms in Z Hostel Makati are air conditioned. It was such a relief because I took a jeep for about 25 minutes and walked a bit. 

Dorm bed

It is summer right now in the Philippines so who wouldn't want to spend an overnight in a nice place that is so cool and comfy? The bunk beds are taller and wide, each with power outlets and reading lamps. The bed and pillows are white, soft and looked newly changed.

Z Hostel logo

The comfort room is pretty big with a shower. The lockers are tall, I think a 50L backpack can fit in there. I'm giving another thousand points for Z Hostel again including a power outlet inside the locker. This is really a good thing, if you want to charge your gadgets, you can just lock it while your away other than use the ones in your bed. At least you have peace in your mind, when you come back it's still there.

The just - woke - up pose

By 7pm, Lani and Cindy came. Thy are fellow bloggers staying with me too. We were so hungry that we decided to eat at Z Hostel Cafe. I didn't know what to order so I asked the staff what is their best - selling dish. He said it is bagnet with rice, a popular food in Ilocos where I have been so many times. He was entirely right, it tasted just the way I want it. The bagoong is so irresistible and the pork was fried just right.

Z Hostel Bagnet with rice

We heard there is an accostic performance at the rooftop deck by 10pm so we went up. The space in the rooftop is quite small but as the night goes by, it becomes crowded. This is a good indication, that a lot is really going to Z Hostel's rooftop bar to hang out. I love the chill out vibe of fellow guests. I made quite a few friends I added on Facebook. I enjoyed it so much that I was the last one to go back to our room. I slept at around 2am. I drank 3 light beers (I never expected) and 3 orders of their French fries (love it).

Jamming at rooftop deck

We woke up at 7am. I didn't realize this until it was morning, there is a window beside my bed. I heard all of the 30 rooms of Z Hostel has a window. I looked out and saw a piece of Makati's skyline. We went back to cafe to have our breakfast. To my surprise, breakfast in Z Hostel is buffet type! It isn't just a few pieces of bread and your favorite jam. You have a number of choices: cereals with fresh milk, slices of melon and lugaw or rice porridge. Their coffee is brewed, love it!

Breakfast and lunch

Our check out time is 12nn. We wanted to savor the moment so we went back to our room and took a nap. I also did a few of my online tasks at the free computers in the lobby. By 11am, we went down to have our lunch, I chose sisig which was highly recommended by a blogger friend who commented the previous night when I posted on Facebook I am staying here. It was a nice choice, I had to order an extra rice!  

Makati skyline from the window

Z Hostel Rates as of February 23rd

Bachelorette Package P5099 (good for 6pax)
8 beds Room Package P5599 (good for 8pax)
6 beds Room Package P4799 (good for 6pax)
4 beds Room Package P3599 (good for 4pax)
Inclusive of:
+Free guestlist to Palace Pool Club, Valkyrie or Time. (Not valid for special events)
+Free shaker of your choice at the Z Roofdeck
*subject to availability
*terms and conditions apply
*breakfast not included

You may book through +639279652692, (02)8560851 or

Would like to personally thank fellow blogger Ms Cindy Dominguez for the invite through Mr Cao Ocampo, Z Hostel's Chief of Good Vibes. I am definitely recommending Z Hostel to anyone looking for a place to stay in Manila. You'll surely have fun there! Z Hostel address is 5660 Don Pedro St. Makati, Philippines. 

Please see below Z Hostel's official Facebook fan page :

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Note: This is a sponsored stay. As always all opinions are mine.

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