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A Glimpse of Circus Vargas in Manila

They say if you want to create a
memory that lasts a lifetime, go watch a circus. That's what I am yet to prove to myself because I have never watched such aside from those local performers during fiesta as a kid. 

For a cheap amount of ticket, I got to see simple tricks that entertained me for about half an hour. That's it. 

That is why I am really excited to join the press conference for Circus Vargas, an internationally - known travelling circus group that will perform here in Manila this holiday season.

The first two members who greeted us were Matti, the clown comedian and Jon, the professional balancer. The moment they came in it is like there was an aura of fun that exploded in the entire room. 

Jon showed us his unbelievable balancing  prowess by putting things on his forehead, nose and chin then let those "stand" there for some time.  What I liked the most he not only left us in awe for his jaw - dropping performance, he also thought us the basics of balancing. 

Champagne glass standing in Jon's nose

He made a P1, 000 bill folded lengthwise sway in his nose, champagne glass in his forehead, a shoe in his nose and a wooden chair in his chain. Unbelievable!

Yup that's the chair standing in Jon's chin

Each of us were given a feather of a peacock an arm - length, told us to open one hand, put it in a standing position in the middle of the our palm. To keep it "standing", we have to be focused by staring at the upper part of the feather which has a beautiful "eye" of the peacock. In an instant we learned how to do it!

I brought home the peacock feather 

Matti says a make up for the clown is not finished yet without the cap and the red nose 

Matti demonstrated how to do his own make - up as a clown for about 20 minutes. He picked up 4 boys from the crowd, instructed them to sit in the 4 chairs arranged in circle in front. Then he told them to lean backwards to each other touching their back to the lap of the other at the back of them. One by one he started removing the chairs. After all the chairs are, look they are still "intact"!

Hilario, a sword master joked a lot with his thick Argentinian accent.  Unfortunately I was eating for a few minutes when he did a very short stunt and I was not able to capture it but I am sure everyone was fascinated because I heard a big round of applause after.

Me and Hilario

Hayley Kent, a contortionist showed a bit of her hand - balancing act.  She is also a gymnast so being in this kind of sports, really has a lot of possibilities anyone can become! 

Me and Hayley

The Circus Vargas was founded in 1989 by  Clifford Vargas who made this cirque one of "America's  Favorite Big Top Circus" with the mission to bring back the glamour, thrills and excitement of an authentic old - time circus.

A Filipino family called Fausto Scorpions is also part of Circus Vargas. They are acrobatic foot - jigglers who has already mastsered balance, spin and propel into the air. Watch out for them!

I think that after watching them I do agree that  if you want to create a memory that lasts a lifetime, go watch a circus... and yes I will surely be there! 

Dubbed as "Magikaria: A Fantastic Magical Experience", the Circus Vargas will perform starting on Christmas Day Dec. 25th 2013 with time slots of 1PM, 4PM and 7PM until Jan. 1st 2014.

Tickets are available in all SM Ticketnet outlets, SM Snacktime, SM Cinemas and Digi Post at P1, 900 (VIP); p1, 790 (Ringside); P1, 290 (Platinum); P990 (Gold) and P590 (Silver). Avail of special ticket discounts by using your BDO, SM Advantage or Prestige cards.

Tickets are now available at SM Tickets, SM Cinema, and Snack Time outlets. For inquiries, call Tropical Productions, Inc. at 519-8984, email, or visit

For more details of what to watch in the event please click here

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