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The Glamour and Sacrifices of a Freelance Life

At the Rockwell Makati Mall. Thanks Eve for the pic 
Whew! I just opened my Facebook 2013 Year of Review biggest moments and it gave me fluffy eyes because most of those are very true indeed, on top is me getting published in a local magazine last March (photo shoot and interview done in December 2012).  If you want to see what I have been through at least those I can share online, you may click here.

Today I am kind of celebrating my third month of being a freelancer and finally had the courage to take my first few steps to a loaction - independent lifestyle. 

This new chapter in my life was once described by a buddy as "nothing more than a career suicide". I replied back saying "I just  killed an old self who is no longer happy to what I am doing over the years". 

The truth is there are a lot out there working in a job that they don't like and they are well - paid but they just can't quit because they fear they will starve to death, won't be able to support their family or they are just too coward to make life changing decisions. I am one of them before. 

Until one day I said "I am gonna make a favor to myself and make sure that I will never regret the outcome whatever that is." Fast forward to three months later: yes still no regrets but  questions like these are my worst enemies:

"What If I  am not able to pay for my bills, rent and basic needs?"
"What If I got sick now that my medical insurance is cut off?"
"What If I ran out of extra  cash to send back home?"
"What If I start applying again in another company?"

But then my inner self comes to the rescue by saying:

"This is the decision you made for yourself. This is the consequence of following your heart's desire even though it meant giving up a big chunk of your life. And last, this is the price for having an absolute freedom of doing what you love the most - anytime  and anywhere".

This morning I checked my Facebook inbox and I read a message from a coworker in my previous company which goes like this:

It took me minutes and have to pause for a while because I want to give a truthful answer.
 This is what I said:

I am still really clueless of what lies ahead of me . I cannot tell as well until when can I hold on to this kind of setup. A friend was asking what I am scared of now that I chose to lead a life of a freelance . I said "Aside from disease and death of course, nothing. What I am more scared is if I did NOT did a thing for my life to change.