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FREE Travel for Writers, Photographers and Graphic Designers

Travelibre, a website that promotes tourism of the Philippines by producing contents related to adventure, trip planning to on and off - the - beaten path has a volunteer program that gives anyone to travel free! In return, a write - up, photograph or graphic art should be produced in order to be published to Travelibre. 

I am echoing this awesome opportunity to travel junkies who happen to be writers, photographers and graphic designers. This is one of the best free avenues to learn travel writing, photography and design right at the moment!

They also get to connect with other travel junkies: this is what I love the most because the opportunity to collaborate and just being in the company of people who share the same passion is incredibly fantastic! Volunteers will have a free inside scoop to places and otherwise inaccessible to tourists and the most important is the chance to get published! 

In the future, they will have access to free workshops, secret travel guides and other staff! For more information, you may click here for Travelibre's Facebook Fan Page and here for Travelibre's official website.

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