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My 2013 Travel Blogger's Christmas Wishlist

Ever since I got bitten by the travel bug years ago, I was able to control buying unwanted or luxurious things. Call me exaggerated but whenever I check the price tag, I tend to compare the product or the service to a flight ticket or a round trip somewhere. And it works pretty fine though especially now that I am a bootstrapping entrepreneur - making money out of promoting tours and festivals. I can now work anytime and anywhere - at home, in the beachfront or at the coffee shop et cetera!

This location - independent lifestyle though brought so much changes to my needs and wants. Above all my top priorities  nowadays is to always keep connected via mobile and online to my travel business partners and clients anywhere I go.  My world now revolves to joining events and meeting awesome people that are into to travel, blogging, social media, tourism, startups  and entrepreneurship.

While I was doing an island - hopping adventure in El Nido, Palawan someone was calling me non - stop to arrange him a private tour. While crossing the border from Singapore and Malaysia I have to quickly open my email to check the travel vouchers and receipts I need to audit for my next batch of tour about to leave the next day. My decision to go against the flow of advocating entirely DIY trips never gave me a single reason to regret because when I am not travelling, I help people travel! Instead of targeting the whole community of travelers in general, I did paid online marketing to reach my service to a small number of people ready to pay for a tour package. In fact I do it almost 24 / 7 assisting those  who have no time and resources to plan their trips themselves. 

I would like to share you now my 2013 Christmas Wishlist so I can give you an idea:

1. Mac laptop
I am not riding over the popularity of Steve Jobs' products but I noticed that a number of travelers, entrepreneurs and founders of a cause use this. There must be something really awesome about this half - bitten apple logo!

Mac Pro laptop Source : Apple website link here

2. Android Samsung smartphone
When it comes to smartphone, I am loyal to Android OS because I use the Gmail app, Gmail calendar and Google Drive extensively. 

Samsung S4 Source: link here

3. North Face backpack bag
I remembered when I solo backpacked to Iloilo, Bacolod and Guimaras Island for 5 days  last year bringing my stuff via a cheap brand, In the middle of nowhere I had to find someone who can sew back the zipper because I can't close it anymore! I had to carry  my bag in the most ridiculous manner with my two hands like hugging it and when I am tired I have to drag it in the sand.  

Women's Borealis back pag Source: Northface link here

4. Ballet shoes, doll shoes... anything that is flat!
When I left my job for 8 years last August, I dumped all of my high - heeled shoes and have to give away a few of it. I won't be using it anyway soon so now that I am always joining events I know I will be joining dozens of events all the time. I need cute flat shoes to make me move quicker.

Lovely flats Source: Suelas link here

5.  Summer lady dress
I love outfits that are light and comfortable in bright or colorful styles perfect for outdoor activities. Those that can be suitable as well to attend semi - formal events and  informal meetup with business partners and clients. It should be not too revealing and and should be knee - length.

Pretty lady dresses Source: Makeupkissblogspot link here

So there you go, these are 5 of my 2013 Christmas Wish List on top of my head for now. I actually have dozens to follow but the ones I listed above are the ones I am dreaming to have. 

Note: This is an entry to's 2013 Travel Bloggers Christmas Wishlist Online Contest.

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