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Avoid the Morning Rush: Take the morning plunge with Nestea RTD

Do you go through your mornings in one big blur?  Do you find yourself racing from one task to another without enough time to breathe? 

The morning rush is something we have grown accustomed to and we no longer question if chaotic mornings are the only way to go. But peaceful and blissful mornings are possible if we take the plunge the night before. 

A great day starts with good night’s sleep, making the morning plunge a relaxing dip into your day.  

So here are a few things to do the night before to finally avoid the morning rush.

Have a to-do list and plunge into it

Instead of taking the morning plunge without warning, write a to-do list the night before to keep you focused. The first thing on every to-do list is to gather your wits and relax, and the best way to do this is to refresh your body and your mind. Drink your favorite Nestea in a Bottle as you make your list and you’ll find yourself in the zone and taking the plunge before your day even starts.

Plan your outfit

One of the stress-inducing parts of the day, especially for ladies, is thinking of what outfit to wear. Make it fun and have a theme, like matching it with your favorite drink, like Nestea RTD. If you love Lemon, then plan for classic mix and match pieces. Cool on the inside but fiery red on the outside just like the Apple variant? A touch of color is the right accessory for you. Edgy and trendy? Then your Lemon Ice craving can be matched by bright neons.

Map your route from bed to boardroom

Think road traffic is the only way that makes us late? Looking for keys, finding the other pair of shoes, and preparing our baon also congests our daily routine. To avoid forgetting anything as you take the plunge into your day, make sure your essentials are on your route on the way out. A shoe and coat rack by the door, keys hung near your shoes, baon beside breakfast, shaves minutes into an otherwise jam-packed day.

A baon favorite perfect for the morning rush is Nestea in a bottle. Packed in convenient easy-to-carry bottles, it has long been known for its sweet, refreshing taste. Mornings are made sweeter with its three flavors(photo in clockwise order): Apple, Lemon Ice, and my favorite Lemon!

So whatever your day brings, it’s easy to take the morning plunge with Nestea RTD.

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