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I Can Freakin Do This!

Time rans so fast! I just posted a few weeks ago over my sentiments of how I feel so messed up because of the decision of going back to the corporate world unplanned. I was struggling big time because I was physically, emotionally and mentally NOT prepared to go back to the work I once CURSED and promised myself I will never go back no matter what.

This week will be the last phase of our training. It is going to be the make or break week for all of us. I am praying so hard to make it . We will have final exams and assessments. I am no longer aiming to top the class or whatnot, all I am wishing is to pass this and go to transition. I can no longer afford to start all over again like finding a new job.  I am having a hard time keeping up even with the daily quizzes and even stuttering speaking in English. I feel so bad but I have to acknowledge this that this is part of the consequence of my decision to leave my 8 year old job last year. 

I am asking for a prayer and wish me luck that I can pass this. I know I can, I just need to trust myself.  To those who will, you have no idea how you just helped me in this trying time. You will be blessed a hundredfold.


  1. I know kayang kaya mo yan Rona.. magtiwala ka lang :-)

  2. salamat salamt hehe :) i wish you could have introduced yourself