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The Struggles and Challenges of Going Back UNPLANNED To The Corporate World

Going back to the corporate world few weeks ago is one of the best decisions I have to make if not the only resolution I could think of to regain my financial stability.  It was never a problem to me finding a company to work with because I have 8 solid years of experience in the industry I am previously affiliated with. But the challenge is my heart does not belong to this anymore. I have tried applying to other line of businesses but I have no luck getting hired because if you look at my Linkedin resume, in terms of work experience, it all points out to my previous work environment.

It's like marrying a man who is financially able to build a family all the way. But other than that there's no love to sustain a foundation that will last for a long time. For the past few years, I have met a lot of amazing and inspiring travelers, startup founders, entrepreneurs, online geeks, digital nomads so and and so forth who changed my life for good. Because of them my passion moved to social media, search engine optimization, pr/digital marketing, internet-related stuff, startups and entrepreneurship. 

My biggest struggle right now is I can't seem to provide a hundred percent focus while at at work. I am currently undergoing a three-month training which will end this 3rd week of December before I am endorsed to be a full-pledged worker again on night shift.  During my breaks, instead of resting I would always grab my smartphone to go online and find blogging-related events. Taking blogging out of me is like taking the air I breathe. I will die.  

It hurts me a lot because I am used to lead a class or top the exams but now it's like my brain has slowed down. I am not sure of the reason, maybe because for a year I was living a freelance life - without a pressure. 

I am trying my best to gain back the full momentum I needed at this point in my life that I have to be strong for uncontrollable circumstances such as this. I have also decided to devote a lesser time for my online travel shop because I only have 24 hours a day and one human body. Though I don't know what will happen when the peak season comes because I expect a surge of client inquiries. 

Again I am not sure whether I will be able to make it or not. What I am sure is I will remain optimistic for as long as I can.  

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