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Made It Just Enough To Pass

At a beach in Batangas

My seven days of silence last week proved to be worth it. On my previous post I shared about how I was struggling so hard to keep up with the training I needed to pass before I am officially endorsed to work. I intentionally did not joined any blogging events nor gave time to answer my tour inquiries just to stay focused to this. After a number of exams and final assessments, I made it just enough to pass.

I am half-happy because I wanted to top if not get all passing grades. I am half-sad because there were 3 of from our team who did not made it. I exactly know what they feel because I was on the verge of becoming one of them. But I think the One above has plans for me why he gave me a chance to go back to the path I once swore I would never ever go back.

So I guess I would have to say this:

"Goodbye freelance life for now. You're one of the best things that ever happened to me. I will definitely take your path again once you I regain balance in everything and done facing all the accountability life gave me."

This would also mean bidding farewell to travel since I am back to a fixed schedule again unless I use my vl's and sl's. I no longer own time for now. My hope of becoming an online entrepreneur slash digital nomad and putting up a startup through an online travel shop for local tours is paused for now. I cannot stop my tears falling from my cheeks right now. 

"You work not just to get paid but to become a better person", says my trainer. He is very much right. Our 39 days of training taught me so much about humility of facing whatever that comes my way. In my case, I made mistakes during my one year of freelance life that I was not able to sustain it all the way. 

After the gruesome hell week, I found myself joining my new coworkers in a private resort at Antipolo, Tagaytay the whole Saturday. I had fun with them although I was thinking of not spending a time with them as I have too much to fix in my blogging schedule.  I still realized that it was just right for me to start building bonding moments with them as I will be spending a lot of hours at work. For how long? That I don't have an answer yet. 

At a private resort in Antipolo, Rizal

 Then Sunday, I had to pack my bag again to go Tagaytay for another blogging event then dropped by to Laguna where I saw a Christmas Castle that pretty much resembles the movie Frozen.

Crown Asia Valenza, Laguna
Monday I am bound to go back to Tagaytay again for a one-whole day of pampering package I won recently but I decided to reschedule it next week as I want to really rest and give myself a break before I finally start working.

So there you go, the real battle starts tonight and I'm back to night shift. I don't know until when can I hold on to this work where my heart is not into it anymore but I'm gonna give another shot. Wish me luck :)

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