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Team Kramer Joins Good Housekeeping's Get Hooked on DIY with 3M Products

My mom is superb when it comes to DIY stuff. She can literally make everything possible just by using old and unused stuff from helping us do our school projects when we were kids to decorating our walls at home.  How I wish she was with me during the Team Kramer Joins Good Housekeeping's Get Hooked on DIY with 3M Products event that happened a few weeks ago.

Tricia Angluben of Good Housekeeping shares her tips regarding how to declutter our house. 3M Philippines is one of if not the leading companies in the country that offers home improvement solutions specifically focused on different kinds of hooks. In other words they are ambassadors of creativity and at the same time promotes comfort in our humble abode by letting us do our stuff in such an easy peasy way.  This event actually gave me a lot of useful tips that I am very much sure I can apply in the decoration of my room.  

I enjoyed watching fellow blogger Coni Tejada sharing a lot of her ideas and even allowing participants to join her for a hands-on experience of using 3M products for a lot of DIY purposes.  She also showed us the color and design of her cute room. She is such a romantic person at heart that she really loves to hang any art forms that has something to do with love. I am so delighted to see with my own eyes how a 3M product is so easy to remove in just one pull and leaving no trace at all. Whether you are hanging your favorite picture frame or your treasured painting on the wall made of cement, wood tiles et cetera you do not have to worry.

Angel Jacob who is the emcee that night afternoon is so nice to have a photo with. It is nice to see her again. The last time I had a photo with her was during the private launching of 2014 Jaguar coupe. She is such a nice lady! 

Just so you know 3M Philippines Command product line has 7 product categories covering every part of teh home (Decorative, Multi-Use, Home and Office Organizers, Cord Management, Picture Hanging Systems, Replacement Strips and Bathroom Solutions). I suggest you visit any of their stores at leading malls. Bring your mom with you because they are the most appreciative when it comes to this kinds of service - prettifying our home.

Team Kramer - Cheska and Doug also shared their thoughts about how 3M products made their lives easier at home especially having 3 kids in tow. It is just a pity that they did not show up since they were very tired already from a previous event.

Hope to join their next DIY learning event again by Good Housekeeping and 3M products!


  1. Hmm.. sis, it looks like the last paragraph of your post was truncated. I'm interested to read about this because I also wanted to go to the event, but had to cancel because my kid got sick...

    1. Thanks sis. Oo nga eh just noticed. Salamat for pointing this out so i was able to correct it :)