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The Big D's Smokehouse Serves One of the Best Mexican Comfort Dishes in Quezon City

Quezon City, particularly Libis is quite far from where I stay here in Manila. I actually never frequent this place until last Saturday I braved the heavy traffic to dine at Big D's Smokehouse located inside Eastwood City Walk 2 with fellow bloggers.  My visit turned out to be a two-birds-in-one-shot experience because the Comedy Cartel also held their Laugh and Stack Open Micdown that night and at the same time a competition for upcoming stand-up comedians. More of that in my next post :) The outcome is a sumptuous dining experience filled with laughter from the crowd.  

We met Sir Dino, one of the owners of the Big D's Smokehouse. He said that this resto just opened last August 2014 but with the number of people inside on a Saturday night (close to full), I can see that they already have a strong number of frequent diners.  He is very accommodating and was patient enough to explain each of the dishes we ate. What I like about him is that he was very hands-on in terms of assisting us. He even served us by giving the plates and utensils by himself when he can have his staff do it. 

The place reflects a black & brown theme which was designed by Sir Dino's wife.  The staff wears a dark uniform and the furniture all have a dark brown ensemble. The overall design of Big D's Smokehouse clearly suggests a Mexican backdrop of cowboys way, way back.  

Now on to the most-awaited, the food we ate:

Startup Pork Nachos

Startup Pork Nachos -  Light and crispy chips topped with beef or pulled pork, salsa and cheese sauce
Duo P150 Platter P250

One of the best nachos I have ever tasted seriously.The combination of cheese sauce and grated pork toppings are something that I don't find in other nacho-serving restos around the metro.  Love it!  We did not ate it all because we knew there's a number of dishes we're going to try. After an hour, I took a few bites, still the nachos remain crisp.

Hash Puppies
Hash Puppies -  Cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan cheese with roasted pimientoes served with garlic dip

This exudes a combination of cheese of all sorts. It is soft and has this "melt-in-your-mouth" sensation.

Main dishes

Chicken Fried Steak
Chicken Fried Steak  - Served with mashed potatoes and some veggies

Love the mashed potatoes. It tasted very far from the likes you can have at food chain restos. The string beans and the strips of carrots are just half-cooked so it was very crunchy.

Twice - fried ribs
Twice - fried ribs -   pork ribs fried twice 
Half - slab P380
Full  -slab P495

This reminds me of our very own lechon and bagnet from Ilocos except this one though as it names suggests twice-fried, it's still tender.  I love the fact that it comes with chops of tomatoes and the likes to lessen the guilt of "devouring a sinful food". 

Smoked ribs
Smoked ribs - soft bone ribs southern style

Excuse the photo because it may not look inviting but this one is my top choice at Big D's.  I don't know what happened but all photos were corrupted, this one is the only left.

These comes in different variations:

Classic BBQ - tender slabs of ribs, dry rubbed and busted in our signature BBQ

Stage 1 Ribs Solo : 1/4 slab of ribs served with garlic rice, corn and carrots for P230
Stage 2 Ribs Duo : 1/2 slab of ribs served with garlic rice, corn and carrots for P390
Stage 3  Ribs Platter: 2 full slabs of ribs served with rice and choice of 2 sides & Carafe red tea for P1, 190

Full slab P495

We also got to taste a still unnamed recipe by Sir Dino. He said this will be available soon in their resto. Really tasted so good and reminds me of the Smoked ribs. Only difference is this comes with the bones. Big D's Smokehouse is where you find the best tasting, soft and tender ribs in town!S
Batangas - brewed coffee
There are two things worth-sharing for this resto about their coffee and tea. First, their coffee is not your cheap 3-n-1 type. It was brewed all the way from Batangas and you can have a hot cup for only P10 served with a creamer! Their iced tea is also house-blend. Love the taste too. Again not your ordinary team from the grocery.

Big D's address is Eastwood City Walk 2, Garden Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Their pioneer branch is located at Tomas Morato. You may contact them at (0915) 487-8153. You can also check their official Facebook Fan Page here.

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