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The Starbucks Christmas Kick-Off Party 2014

Starbucks will always be one of my favorite coffee shops. Not just because of the coffee, frappes and all that stuff but this place holds quite a lot of treasured memories. From meeting clients, to having a good laugh with my fellow girlfriends, Starbucks will always be my top choice as a hangout for all sorts of gatherings. And of course how can I forget, this is also the same coffee shop where I used to have coffee with someone before. Though he is already out of my life and out of my Facebook friends list, I still see Starbucks as one of the most ideal places for you to go on a date with.

Last November 2, I went to the Starbucks Christmas Kick-Off Party 2014 because of a friend who said it is so much fun to join here and she even participated the one last year. She said she brought a lot of freebies (not that I only care about it) home and the entrance is free. This year it was different. Anyone who wants to join to be part of should buy one of their merchandises available on sale right there in the event. The tumblers and mugs range from P295+ to P540+ each. We have to pay cash and they do not even honor their Starbucks card for some reasons!

I have no problem buying one as I am really wanting to buy a good-looking, high-quality tumbler from them. I just started training in a night shift job so definitely I I will be gulping cups of coffee in the office to stay awake. 

Well yeah I had fun listening to the bands who sang the recent songs and Christmas carols. We also had the chance to get a a cup of their latest iced coffee variation and able tor bring a souvenir photo of our picture during the event. I am also thankful that I won in one of their contests which is to write in a piece of paper my most unforgettable Christmas story. I brought home an all-metal tumbler.  I was one of the 20 selected who they find the story interesting to share to the crowd. I think only the top 2-3 got the most-coveted 2015 Starbucks Planner.

Overall it was a pretty good party but I wouldn't call it myself a Christmas party. Well we had a few drinks of their iced coffee and tasted slices of their muffins and all that but I think there's something is different. I just realized that the things they just gave to us and this whole party is at the expense of the money we paid. Isn't it Christmas is all about giving? Good job to the Marketing team for coming up with the idea like this.  

What they could have done is to invite those people patronizing their products after all these years. They could have called the attention of those who say have old editions of Starbucks mugs to be given a free entry. .. something like this. Because this is what Christmas party is for right? You bring your treasured customers who have been using your products for a celebration and thanking them.

This experience though won't stop me from grabbing my favorite Chamomile tea at the nearest Starbucks coffee shop.   I just hope that next time they  organize an event,  it would not be always a profit-generating scheme. 

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