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Introducing The Inspiring Traveler Series To Feature Ordinary People Who Have Been Around The World / Country

Travel meetups paved way for me know a lot of travelers from here and there. They just make me want to pack my bag and go somewhere! From a backpacker who's on a tight budget but have already spent a week in Maldives then a few months stay in Europe, to a glampacker who has all the money to book anywhere in an eye blink, I am so thrilled to learn their stories and how they made it. I have also met a lot who have these outstanding jobs that bring them almost anywhere in the planet all for free.  Some are armed with their undying advocacy that they hop from place to place to extend their passion to anyone in whatever way the can.  In my case I scored a part-time job to go anywhere in the Philippines for a secret reviewing task. 

But I just realized that only the bloggers and online entrepreneurs are featured most of the time via the Internet as globe-trotting individuals. Now it is the right time that I am dedicating this small space here in my blog to share to everyone that not only them have these amazing travel stories, even the most ordinary ones have also the best shining moments along the road.

Once or twice a week I will feature selected people whom I know personally to start sharing how their stories are formed out of travelling and literally going to different places. It doesn't matter if this is a student, an OFW or just an employee with a day job but is just so crazy about conquering the world one city/country at a time.

My first step is to send invites out of my Facebook friends because they are the ones whom I see their Facebook feeds of their whereabouts almost in daily basis. I will give them 10 questionnaires to answer and will ask if they can send a few of their travel photos. In order for this to keep going, I will ask them to suggest another individual whom they know  personally for us to also feature and interview them. 
I am also thinking of interviewing those who chose to be anonymous for their deepest secrets done along the  road and all that.

I got this idea out of two things that never in my dream would happen in my life. First getting featured in ABS - CBN's Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and also in Good Housekeeping magazine.  I was nobody but anything can happen you just have to be optimistic.  

Let me tell you more about the first batch of travelers I met in 2011 whom I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for making my feet this itchy to travel to different places and pursue an online business at the same time.  I wouldn't be this same person if not for them.   

This idea is also about putting my Facebook Fan Page into life because it is too silent. I admit I focused too much in content (70+% of my traffic comes from organic search) that is why my engagement in social media is so-so but I am still glad I have currently a thousand and eight hundred sixty eight who are there waiting for my interaction and travel stories to share. 

I am so inspired by the Humans Of New York Facebook community how it was able to attract millions and millions of followers around the world out of a photo and a short story made of just a few words. While I believe I wouldn't be able to surpass the achievement, I too plans to create something out of the stories  of these humble travelers hoping we can inspire more people to get out and discover the world.

So what are the benefits of these travelers whom we are going to feature and to this blog as well? It is a win-win situation.   I just feel pity whenever they post their stunning photos from their own Facebook account which can only be seen by their added friends. I figured out if their stories and photos be posted in a searchable medium like this blog, this can inspire more people and share their tips and wisdom they learned along the road. 

This is not mainly the goal but I have been very open about making money out of the ads shown here in this blog from Google Adsense. Once this Inspiring Traveler Series begin attracting traffic and start getting clicks from ads (see the big rectangular one on top,  square to the right and below left) I am thinking of splitting the profit from each of them gathered in their respective blog posts. Once it reaches $100 I will send it to them. Google Analytics and Adsense have the right tool to show the clicks which I CAN NEVER change and they can view themselves the status of the clicks from time to time.  However this what I clarify to them, these clicks cannot be manipulated. Google has the resources if the ads are clicked by same persons and this can make the clicks invalid and worst can disable this Adsense account. Again only GENUINE clicks that were generated out of natural interest that sparked when these ads are shown. 

That's it for now, I will be sending invites to a few hand-picked friends. I am crossing my fingers they would be glad to positively return the favor.  The questions will be "customized" since these travelers are from all walks of life. I am very much excited that only 2 nights to go and I'm off to Dipolog so most likely I will start posting the first ever Inspiring Traveler Series when I come back to Manila.


  1. Looks interesting ! I am especially looking forward to your report from Dipolog. Good luck and have a good time !

    (Your #1 in London)

  2. Sorry, I meant to say Your #1 Fan in London.

  3. Hi Ms/Mr #1 Fan in London, sure definitely I will be sharing photos and words for my trip to Dipolog. Wish you could have introduced yourself too :) Anyway thank you for dropping by in my blog. I am always super busy so I appreciate the efforts of checking from time to time.

  4. This is a great idea! I think for so many writers/bloggers/photographers starting out it feels so defeating when all that gets featured are the people who have already seemingly done it all - it makes you think "do I really have anything worth sharing?"
    More people should feature amateurs/beginners that have wonderful content instead of just a ton of followers and clickbait. I appreciate what you're doing, keep at it ;)

    1. Thanks Kristine :) You nailed it. These are exactly what I meant in other words if I need to rephrase this article