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Tips On How To Travel And Pack Light By TravelFashionGirl Alexandra Jimenez

Travel meetups are my cure whenever I feel these itchy feet wanting to go somewhere but just couldn't. Not only I get to be in the company of travel-savvy individuals whom later I can add as friend on Facebook, I also learn nitty-gritty details that a traveler should know for anything that he/she might encounter along the road. I am super grateful to join the Travel Fashion Makeover, a meetup for fellow lady travelers about how to travel and pack light.  This is one of the things I suck at the most, promise so I can totally relate to the discussion all throughout especially now that I scored a paid part - time job of travelling around the Philippines doing a secret task .  I tend to bring my whole closet that during and after the trip usually I have shoulder hurt because of carrying a heavy bag and a more stress for trying hard to keep a bulky content.

Photo credited to Viajera Filipina FB Page

Led by Alexandra Jimenez, the founder of travelfashiongirl dot com I never thought  I would appreciate much a simple meetup like this because I learned a lot that in my next trip (my 4th travel assignment on 3rd week of June) I promise myself I will surely pack my things lighter than before and I will be more confident that I will enjoy the trip better this time since I am seeing a lot  of "decluttering" before I head to the airport.

She is the one standing right most with a pair of really good-looking heels that I so envy that night. The one in the screen is Tessa of Viajera Filipina, she is in USA that time.

The idea behind on how to travel and pack light is basically bringing only the ones you need the most and at the same time you will you in more than one instance.  Alexandra shared her insights she got for travelling 7 years as a former overpacker to a packing pro.  Being a globe-trotting individual, I just couldn't believe that all she got is a single carry-on regular sized luggage that she brings whenever she goes. 

Called as "capsule wardrobe", this is literally the main luggage where you put your all your travel essentials which is mainly clothes. In choosing which one, there should be 5 factors to consider: weather, activities, local customs, budget and trip length. The first four ones are very obvious and need no explanation but for the last one which is trip length, it does not necessarily mean that the longer your out, the more dress you need!

She said 8 - 15 items are all you need. Choose the ones that are light and basically you can fold inside to save up so much space.  Okay I guess I don't suck at the most in packing light because I always wear flip flops, shorts and light tops whenever I go. If I need to join somehow a formal gathering,  I bring a ballerina pair of flats and a light lady dress that extends up to my knees or so.

I am never going to take Alexandra's crown for being a pro packer (as if I can) so I would not go into the details. All I really want again is to spread the idea behind it.   You can head to her blog to know more about this.

A big thank you to Tessa Cruz of for putting up this kind of travel meetup that is really a help (for me a savior) for a going on a trip that we will cherish the most. That's why we travel right, to be carefree right?

Btw the picture above is me with my very much brand new Samsonite luggage. This is not in any way sponsored by this brand. This one came from US bought by my friend. I have not used it since I got it last March. Saving this luggage in my out of the country trip soon :)

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  1. Packing light is one of the most challenging tasks when traveling on a tight budget. I'm getting better at it but I wish I had known about this event!