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Going to Dapitan and Riding Bikes: My 4th Travel Assignment Is In Dipolog

I was at the Press Launching of the 20th French Film Festival (where this photo was taken) when I learned my 4th travel assignment is in Dipolog. This will be the 5th province of Mindanao that I will visit. I cannot contain my happiness because I am now exploring the region of the Philippines I least know.  I am much more excited to have this trip because in my past mystery travel assignments I was always in a hurry and have no time to enjoy. It was because I am just slowly adapting to the idea of travelling here and there without any concrete plans made long before the trip. Most of all is that it will be at least 2 days and 2 nights that I will spend unlike my short stays before.

There's a few things I am super excited about this trip:

1. I am finally trying Airbnb. I hear a lot of positive feedback about this. Staying in a hotel alone just makes me sad sometime. Sure there are hotel staffs and receptionist who are ready to answer my questions like where-to-go's and can-you-please stuff but other than that I was looking for a genuine conversation from a local's point. Someone I can share maybe a meal or join me when I go out. I am now opting to stay at homestays and the likes of Airbnb. I want to stay in a place that looks like a house not just a building. I have even made my Airbnb already fully - verified because I am thinking of using this long-term.

Here's my Airbnb profile <>, If you are a frequent traveler, I would like you to sign it too because once you do, you can send a friend ₱1,130 Airbnb credit then you'll get ₱1,130 when they travel and ₱3,389 when they host. Talk about saving your hard-earned money while travelling!

2. There's another travel startup that I am also looking forward to use during  an-eye-blink's-notice, Hotel Quickly. I came across this one during a blogger launching invite. This is really a cool app for those who always are on the go and does not know where to book.

3.  After another travel meetup, there's another one I really want to join courtesy of Startuptravels. I am not sure what is the purpose of this startup but I see it is building a community of travelling entrepreneurs.  I am crossing my fingers I get to join this.

4. I am also doing a review of Lois Yasay's "Where Should I Go in Southeast Asia" which she narrated her trip for 6 months across 9 countries in Southeast Asia with only about 2,500 USD inside her pocket. The reasons behind this is not just to learn the ropes she's made but also I am planning to create an ebook of the most-viewed post in my blog (currently with 18, 000 views) . I will post a separate article about it sometime.

5. One thing I want to see in Dipolog is the place where Rizal lived and also riding on bikes. The Airbnb house I will book in a couple of days surprised me when I learned they have a free bike for their guests to use .Wohoo! Cannot wait. I haven't rode on a bike for so many years. I was this bike-addict when I was a child. Proof, you can take a look of a trace of an old wound in my left leg and and in front of my right leg I got when I fell from a bike while crossing in the street.  

6. Also I am starting another 2 blogs out from my very small time for me to be able to earn from Google adsense more. 

Btw, we never made it to the travel project I was praying and hoping for nearly two months that we will nail it. It made me feel sad for sometime but I guess the One above has a better plan for me. I'm just waiting here for that day.

All of these, make me feel terrible, restless and alone. In fact I would say I have spent more time in front of a computer/laptop than talking to a person for the past few years. But I would rather be this girl who risked everything rather than the one who never tried at all.

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