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My FREE Kundalini Yoga Session Courtesy of The Grove, Rockwell

I've always wanted to join a Yoga class but oppurtunity  never came along until I read a post from a Facebook fellow blogger that there's one to be held at The Grove, Rockwell. The email invite says we have to bring a Yoga mat which almost made me change my mind to join but I did not hesitate to shoot an email if it is ok to bring an alternative since this is my first time. I received a quick reply so I did not hesitate to set aside another event to happen at the same time because I knew this is going to be something different that I need to try.

I arrived just in time and happy to see Lace and Azrael, who are both fellow bloggers. They are the only one I knew at that moment. I do not know much about The Grove, Rockwell honestly. From what I know is that it is a condo unit and they have this Amenity Deck where the Yoga session will be held.  For someone who lives in a condo unit too, I was expecting the same sight and same facility there... but I was totally wrong.

The moment I entered the Amenity Deck with other two participants, I had nothing to say but the first word that came out of my mouth is "Wohow!". No wonder and I could not think of any other place in my mind that time that would be best to do our Yoga session, only there.  I was blown away what I saw.  A jaw-dropping 8, 000 square open space that contains 3 swimming pools of different categories and good-looking lounge chairs that look pretty much exactly the same of the ones in EDSA Shangri-la Manila where I spent my birthday. Not only that, the sight that it is surrounded by 6 towers is really great too. I love how everything here is designed the way that it will catch your attention and when you go home you will remember how it looked so good. Thoughts started sinking in, that The Grove Rockwell is indeed a community that builds urban luxury from amenities, to location and compared to the rest of its kind - they have one luxury that I think would set them apart - their wide, open spaces. I see a lot of green spaces and even a spot where a mom and her son is playing in a beach sand. 

Ms Rosan Cruz, our Kundalini Yoga teacher

Inside the pyramid hall located in the middle, I saw the rest of the participants with Ms Rosan Cruz the Yoga teacher already sitting in their own yoga mats .  I can hear the soothing music that is inviting me to join.  We started chanting the " Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" for 3 times then the "Vande Gurunam Charanaravinde. We also sang "May the long time sun shine upon you" then reciting the Sat Nam. Honestly those spiels I think of Indian language I have no idea what it is meant but reciting those is like saying some magic words because it somehow gives a relaxing effect. I just couldn't explain further. 

Now when it comes to doing the physical poses - this is where the struggle as a first timer came in especially for me who has so little time to exercise. But I loved every single second of it. I feel so relived. I feel so light and free especially the part that we were asked to "beat" some parts of our body to let go of our anger to person(s) and circumstances in our lives.  

Though the session only lasted for 90-minute, this was enough to convince me to join a Yoga class sometime soon. I just need to fix my schedule first - this is the luxury in my life I am struggling to balance. A time for everything that matters for a life well-lived.

To those who would like to do Yoga, you can join Rosan's Kundalini class every Monday at 120 Perrea St. Century Plaza, from 6:30-8pm. Check out

To those who would like to get a unit at The Grove Rockwell, here is the address 117 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C5), Barangay Ugong. You can also check their website

All photos courtesy of The Grove Rockwell.

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