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Palawan, Philippines
Are you planning of exploring Palawan beyond its beaches, you may check below the list of fiestas and local festivals that they have all year round:


Jan 28-29 Port Barton, San Vicente
Arawedan festival
Arawedan—a Cuyuno word for “holding together”. The festival has an array of activities that gathers the community for fun and fellowship.

Jan 22-29 Bataraza town foundation Anniversary

February 14 Puerto Princesa City, Love Affair with nature (Mangrove reforestation)

March 4 Puerto Princesa City
City foundation Day Celebration—“Balayong Festival”, commemoration of city’s Foundation Day every 4th day of the month with a series of sports, cultural, and other events; celebrated as a day for farmers, fisherfolks, traders, and buyers to make exchange of goods, merrymaking, singing, and dancing in the streets.
March 15-18 El Nido Town Fiesta
March 16-22 Brooke’s Point Town Fiesta “Kaniyog’n Festival”
 “Kaniyogan” or coconut plantation abounds in this town and has become an important means of sustenance for its people. The festival aims to promote the diverse products derived from the “tree of life”. The celebration also features trade fairs, cultural and contemporary shows, sports activities and a beauty pageant.
March 19 Narra Town Fiesta

1st Week of April Baywalk, Puerto Princesa City
Pangalipaysabaybay—Pangalipay is a Cuyunon word that means “merrymaking”. The event, which takes place at the Baywalk, spanning the Barangays of Pagasa, San Isidro, and Tagumpay is the brainchild of city Vice Mayor Lucilobayron. Though it is seen as a tourist hangoutnin the City, the baywalk is also being developed into a commercial district. A parade and fireworks display kicks off the start of various activities. Included in the activities is the Coastal Clean-up participated by the locals and guests as part of Puerto Princesa City’s bid for the environmental protection.

Last Week of April Tagkawayan Beach, Bacungan, PPC Pista ng Karagatan

1st Week of April Baywalk, Puerto Princesa City
April 17-21 Rizal Town Founding Anniversary
3rd Week of April Kalugtan’ festival of El Nido

May 1-4 Taytay Town
Pasinggatan Festival—comes from the word “singgat” meaning to shine or luster, an apt name for festival whose events bring out the best in people, from their talents to their personalities.

May 13 Rizal Town Fiesta
May 15 Quezon
Manunggul Festival—an annual celebration which meant to express unity among town folks.

May 15-16 Roxas
Town Fiesta “Panalaminan Festival”
Panalaminan is a Cuyunon word, which means “to mirror”, the festival’s name refers to both the municipality’s history as a repository of silica sand used in producing mirrors and glassware and to its claim of being the reflection of Northern Palawan beauty, with roxas as a point of bountiful convergence of Agri-Fishery and Eco-Tourism

May 17-18 Sibaltan, El nido “Cuyunon Festival”


3rd Week of June Provincial Capitol Grounds
Baragatansa Palawan
Institutionalized during the 98th Founding Anniversary of the civil government of Palawan, the celebration is focused on the historical, cultural, agricultural, and the trade potentials of the province with the participation of the different municipalities, the private sector, and non-government agencies. “Baragatan”, coined from the Cuyunon (a local language) word “bagat” which means to meet, is a meeting, convergence, an assembly of people and culture.

3rd Week of June SitioMagarwak, Bacungan
Pista Y angKagueban—annual massive tree planting and environmental celebration intended to reforest denuded areas in the city.

June 19-21 Malagnang festival of San Vicente
June 24 Espaňola, Pista ng Dalampasigan—coastal cleanup and mangrove reforestation

Last week of June Brooke’s Point Town Foundation Anniversary


August 28 Coron, Kasadyaan Festival—Kasadyaan comes from the Cuyunon word “sadya” meaning merrymaking. The festival celebrates the town’s patron saint, St  Agustine. To Coronians, it is an expression of gratitude to nature’s munificence and a grand display of their cultural heritage.

August 28 Cuyi Town, town Fiesta, Purongitan Festival


September 1-10 Cagayancillo, Panagat Festival—coincides to town fiesta on September 8

September 29 Magsaysay, Pangalivay Festival (Feast of the Patron San Miguel)

September 28-October 7 Puerto Princesa, Family Rosary Crusade

September 29 Linapacan Town Fiesta


October 8-12 New Guinlo, Taytay, Malampaya Festival—a festival where Tatayanon’spay homage and give thanks to the sea for the abundant catch of the year.

2nd or Last Week of October Narra, Palay Festival—Palay Festival is celebrated in commemoration on how the town of Narra came about. The Festival honors the farm as a pivotal vart of community life, and the family as the basic and nurturing unit of the society.


November 11 Puerto Princesa, (PPUR) Underground River Day

November 25 Pinipig Festival of SitioMaribong, Pulut Interior, SofronioEspaňola


December 8 Immaculate Cathedral, Puerto Princesa City, Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion-fiesta celebration falls every 8th day of the month. This activity drags on until Christmas and New Year, laced with a series of nightly vresentation and display of agro-industrial vroducts and tourism fair.

El NidoTwon.Kulambo Festival—an annual celebration of townsfolk dresses themselves in Kulambo (mosquito net) as they parade around the town.

Fullmoon of December Aborlan, Pagdiwata—a tribal ritual asking the God to heal the sick and as a thanksgiving ceremony

December Capitol Grounds, PaskuhansaKapitolyo—initiated by the Provincial Government. This consists of various activities in wishful waiting for the coming of the Saviour on Christmas Day. The celebration ends with the New Year countdown and fireworks display at the Provincial Capitol.

December 10-11 Tribal Festival of SitionMaribong, Pulut Interior, SofronioEspaňola

If you are looking to know the historical landmarks and history of Palawan you may click here.

Credits to Palawan Provincial Tourism Office for the information.
For more details you may contact them below:
Address: G/F Ramon V Mitra Bldg, Capitol Complex, Rizal Ave, Puerto Princesa City
Tel: 48 433-2968

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